5 Best Mac Tricks You’ve Got to Know!

Mac is loaded with a plethora of tricks and wiles to make computing faster and easier. Although several experts might already know about such shortcuts and hacks, novice users can also learn these easy tricks to make their work faster and more efficient. Here, we’re going to shed some light on some of the most useful yet easy to remember Mac tricks for users.: `

  1. ‘Look Up’ for thesaurus and Wikipedia:

Remember when you get stuck on a word and had to go to Google and search for the meaning of that word? Not anymore… With ‘Look Up’ feature of Mac, it gives you on-spot access to dictionary, thesaurus and Wikipedia.

  • Right Click a selected word and click ‘Look Up’. (Three Finger Tap can also be used if you are using a trackpad.)


Image Source: support.mekentosj.com


Image Source: support.mekentosj.com

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  1. Instant Emoji Access:

Writing something isn’t enough until you bind them with emotions. And there is nothing better than a huge collection of Emoji to go along with your thoughts. While typing on a Mac, you don’t have to search for emoji anywhere, Mac entitles you an access right on the sheet by following this short trick:

  • Put the cursor where the Text is.
  • Press Command + Control + Spacebar simultaneously to get the Emoji tray on the screen
  • Select any emoji and its there.


Image Source: osxdaily.com

  1. View all Open Windows: It might get difficult for you to navigate and find the right page with multiple active windows. However, this problem can be easily managed through Mission Control in Mac. It shows you all  opened windows for you, so you can easily select one and access it. You can also hit Control + Up to quickly access Mission Control on Mac.


Image Source:osxdaily.com

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  1. Spotlight is a ‘Launcher’:

Ever wondered if you could use Spotlight to launch an application or a file. Who wants to follow the hassle of finding desired apps or files, simply open the Spotlight search, which isn’t just a search, type the name of the program and it’s a dog with two tails. In case you want to skip the hassle of locating a specific app in your iPhone, simply look it up in Spotlight Search. All you need to do is open spotlight with this shortcut:

  • Command + Spacebar
  • Type the name of the desired app or file in search area and hit Enter.


Image Source: macworld.com

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  1. 24 Hours Silence Notification:

It’s annoying when someone keeps poking you about something you least care about. Sadly, your computer can also generate notifications that you might find annoying. All these notifications and alerts for software update, new mail, photo posted by someone etc. could be useful for some. If not, then use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function, by following this simple key combination:

  • Press and hold the Option key and click the Notification icon at the top corner of the screen.
  • This would result in putting your Mac in silent mode for 24 hours.


Image Source: osxdaily.com

Although these shortcuts can make your work quicker and more efficient but it may take some time for you to become an expert at using these at the right time. As said, practice makes perfect and we’re sure that these tricks will help you complete your tasks without any delays or annoyances.

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