5 Amazing Google Maps Tips And Tricks

Millions of people use Google Maps on a daily basis. Google Maps navigates and gives precise turn-by-turn directions to reach the desired destination in the most efficient way. However, apart from guiding you about the shortcuts of your location, Google Maps has a lot to offer you.

So, in this post, we’ve handpicked 5 amazing Google Maps tips and tricks. Here are some of them!

1. Access Google Maps Offline

Access Google Maps Offline

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Maps are the most important part of our lives especially when you’re in a new city or not aware of streets. When you’re travelling, it is hard to rely on internet due to limited and feeble network issues. However, Google Maps got your back. No matter in which part of the earth is you, you can not only access Google Maps offline but also find navigation even when you’re offline. Make sure before going offline, you save the map for offline use by searching for a location, using the name, and clicking download. Once the map is downloaded, you can use it by clicking on the menu button (three lines button).

2. Get Traffic Information In No Time

 Get Traffic Information In No Time

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When traffic gets bad, it is hard to get out of it with good mood. Moreover, crawling traffic is generally more frustrating than being punched in the face. However, Google Maps is an incredible piece of technology that shows you live traffic condition in just a few clicks. Usually, this mode doesn’t come enabled. In order to activate the mode, tap on the traffic in the left panel and after enabling it, you can view all the routes with no traffic and heavy traffic. Green route reflects to clean and no traffic routes and red routes stand for heavy traffic routes. You can rely upon Google Maps to choose the alternative way to reach your destination when the regular route has traffic.

3. Use Multiple Stops On Your Way

 Use Multiple Stops On Your Way

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When you’re going on vacations or long road trip, you need to halt at several stops. When you need to pick someone, you need stop by before your desired spot. However, to make sure you’re on the right route and to keep a track of kilometers you can add several stops.  Google Maps make sure nothing spoils your estimated commute time and arrangement at any cost. Moreover, you can link all the spots from A to Z.

4. Get Brief Directions With A Tap Of Your Finger

Brief Directions With A Tap Of Your Finger

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Well, most of the people track down their way on the web version of Maps by typing in the desired location. However, the easiest and quickest way to do the same is, just right-click on the Maps and it will take you to the new window, you can use it find direction from or to the location.

5. Share Your Location With Others

 Share Your map Location With Others

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Explaining the directions of your current location is the most baffling and problematic task than ever. Thanks to technology, sharing your location with Google Maps is a stress-free way to let the other person aware of your exact location with ease. In order to do that, all you need to do is select the location, route and click on Share Directions. You do not need to call your friend, in fact, if your friend isn’t using the Google Maps, you can directly send a text with detailed info. describing each landmark and turn.

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Google Maps are capable to show you a particular store, along with a street map, road name, and various other locations along those roads. Google Maps help you to travel from one location to another with ease.

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