Why Adoption Of Wellness Apps And Telemedicines Have A Long Way To Go?

Digital health is continually exploding on smartphones across the globe and thus researchers are actively figuring out ways to make this work by designing best telemedicine apps. At this point in time, researchers are trying to find the effectiveness of these apps, and other digital therapeutics and diagnostics. However, there is no shortage of data in digital medicine which is helping them to an extent. But we cannot forget the fact that even after introduction of so many wellness and telemedicine apps, we haven’t yet got the thing which blows our mind and leaves us awestruck!

We don’t deny the fact that experts are putting in a lot effort to develop them, but there is something really wrong with these. But before knowing more about them, we should know what are Wellness Apps and Telemedicine apps anyway?

Why The Adoption Of Wellness Apps And Telemedicine’s Has A Long Way To Go
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Know About Wellness Apps and Telemedicines

Wellness apps are mobile applications which offer health-related services over your mobile phones or any other communication devices. There are a plethora of Android telemedicine apps available that help people focus on various aspects of their health digitally. Coming to Telemedicines, these are a form of remote diagnosis of patients via telecom technology. Initially when these were launched, not many individuals trusted them. But with increased features and recommendation by doctors, people started relying on these. However, the state of these is still quite pitiful. Don’t trust us? Well, read further and you’ll believe!

Meditation Apps Are Bogus Apps Just to Earn Money

If we leave aside a few good ones for which you have to pay, the others are just bogus apps that have been designed to earn profit. Yes, meditation helps a lot in curbing plenty of problems, but one needs to be prepared for the same. Recently, a study published on journal BMC Psychology enlightens that even the highly popular meditation app such as Headspace is not good enough. In the study, they involved 70 participants who were using Headspace earlier and then the sham apps. In both the scenarios, results were competitive. And we thought we are wise enough to use these meditation apps!

Mobile Apps Help Patients to Remember Taking Meds but Don’t Improve Their Condition

Let’s face the fact, most of us aren’t good enough at remembering things. Therefore a few “high” minds have prepared apps to help us remember them. For those who find it difficult to remember when to take their meds, lot of apps have have come to their rescue. Good enough, right? But do they work? Well, one does! According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, an app called MedISAFE-BP, or Medication Adherence Improvement Support App for Engagement-Blood Pressure, helps patients to remember to take meds. However, it was seen that despite using the same, there wasn’t any improvement in systolic blood pressure. The reasons are unknown, but will it make any difference? What is the point of using any app if it is not having any positive effects on your health?

Mobile Apps Help Patients to Remember Taking Meds but Don’t Improve Their Condition
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But there is still hope in the current scenario in form of telemedicine tools. For almost a decade, researchers have been striving hard to find if there is any way with which it is possible to diagnose diseases related to retina only by taking photograph of the eye. After much effort, they have found  one,  Images—the telemedicine version of the eye exam, which somewhat matches the expectations. However, virtually, even this fails;  Michael Chiang of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland has conveyed it to IEEE that “They assume that the exam done by an expert in an office gives you the correct answer.” However, it is still being debated that why do we need to risk something as important as eye, we can always visit the doctors and get the best consultation and prescription! At least for now, the technologies and the applications that we have used aren’t perfectly reliable!

Mobile Apps Help Patients to Remember Taking Meds but Don’t Improve Their Condition-2
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Where Do We Stand Today?

Honestly, we have learned how to make apps for everything, but not in medical field. They are either not reliable or just have information and nothing else! At this point in time, we need applications that not only operate real-time but have better user experience as well. Nobody wants to operate an application that is monotonous. If we wish to gather just the information, we will surf the Internet, rather than downloading an app. Thus, with the above-mentioned instances, we can conclude that the adoption of wellness apps and telemedicines has a long way to go. Do not forget to drop your views in the comments section below!

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