WhatsApp Announces New Chat Lock Feature – But Do We Need It?

WhatsApp has finally decided to grant more privacy to its users by introducing a new feature that will enable WhatsApp users to lock their chats. This feature will ensure that your private chats remain hidden from the prying eyes of snooping family and friends. However, locking WhatsApp chats was possible a couple of years ago using a free app available on Google Play Store known as Locker For Whats Chat App.

You can continue reading about the new WhatsApp feature below or skip to the Features and Download Locker For Whats Chat App link.

WhatsApp Chat Lock – Secure Your Chats, Maintain Privacy

WhatsApp Chat Lock

Meta has announced an additional layer of security for WhatsApp users to hide their intimate chats under a password or biometric sensors like fingerprint or face ID. Simply put, users can lock and hide any chat they wish and keep it away from prying eyes.

Currently, the password to lock your chats is the same as your device’s password. But Meta has promised an update soon that will enable WhatsApp to use different passwords to lock their chats.

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How Will This Feature Benefit WhatsApp Users?


The Chat Lock feature will be a boon for those who share their phone with their family and friends. Everyone has something private and something to hide, and until now, the only option to keep a WhatsApp chat private was to delete it forever or use a third-party free application like Locker For Whats Chat App.

But with the feature Meta announced and which has begun to roll out to its users, now there is nothing to fear as all the intimate and private chats can be locked. Any new message that arrives in a locked chat will also remain hidden. Also, the notifications will have the content hidden.

How To Lock Your WhatsApp Chats?

To lock a chat or group chat, you can simply tap on the chat and select the Lock option.

To reveal the locked chats and unlock them, simply pull down the chat inbox and enter the device password or use the biometric stored on your device.

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Locker For Whats Chat App – Features & Download Link

Locker For Whats Chat App

Locker For Whats Chat App is a WhatsApp Chat Locker app designed by Systweak Software. This amazing app has amassed over 5 million downloads to date and is free to use with the ability to lock two chats. When writing this blog, a free upgrade to the premium version was available, provided you installed 3 apps from the same developer.

Locker For Whats Chat App can be installed from the Google Play Store. This app has the following features that make it a must-have software for your Android phone:

Lock Your WhatsApp Chats. You can now lock your WhatsApp chats and secure them using a 4-digit pin or biometric fingerprint.

Easy To Use With Intuitive Interface. The app’s user-friendly interface can be used without training or technical know-how.

One-Tap Protection. You can now lock single chats, group chats, or the entire WhatsApp application with a single tap.

Light-Weight App.  The Locker For Whats Chat App is an amazing app that uses the bare minimum of resources like battery power and storage space.

Message To Unknown Number. WhatsApp does not allow users to send messages to unknown or unsaved numbers. But with the help of this app, you can send WhatsApp messages to phone numbers not saved in your contacts.

Message To Unknown Number

To summarize, Locker For Whats Chat App allows users to lock their WhatsApp chats for free with a pin different from their device unlock pin, lock the entire app and send messages to an unknown number. One of these features has been rolled out by WhatsApp after many years, and other features will likely follow sooner or later.

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What Do You Think About WhatsApp’s New Chat Lock Feature?

The WhatsApp Chat Lock feature is a much-needed feature. Still, I think it is too late to release such a feature when many WhatsApp users have either opted for different Instant Messaging alternatives or installed third-party apps to lock their chats. Meta must have released this feature ages ago so that users could hide some of their chats. However, as they say, “Better Late Than Never,” this feature might help Meta increase its user base on WhatsApp. If you do not have the feature rolled out to you yet, then you can always download the free app known as Locker For Whats Chat App and use it to lock your WhatsApp Chats.

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