What If Smartphone Makers Were GoT Characters!

Our in-house Game of Thrones enthusiasts Gargi and Rishi have compiled a list of smartphone companies that have a lot in common with your favorite characters. Play your Song. Pour champagne on Ice. Light your Fire. Enjoy the read!  

It’s 2 weeks since Season 7 GoT over but the buzz is far from dying out. From the somewhat shocking – if not completely unpredictable –  season finale, to the speculations concerning the Season 8, fans are at it on every conceivable forum. Why, Reddit features among the Top 4 in a GoT-related Google Search!

Not to mention the endless string of ads, updates, and what not on Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

On a slightly different note, we came across a rather interesting read just a day after the final episode aired and that is where we got our inspiration to write this post.

The smartphone market is flooded with an umpteen number of choices. It just got us thinking. What if your favorite GoT characters were smartphone companies!

Daenerys Targaryen – Apple

From a naive, wide-eyed maiden to a woman who commands respect and authority, the Khaleesi’s journey draws a lot of parallel with Apple’s decades old existence. Apple’s initial years were certainly not easy. If Daenerys traveled through vast grasslands with her savage tribe, Apple’s formative years were rocky as its iconic founder gave precedence to idealism over practicality.

Daenerys gave birth to a stillborn boy. Steve Jobs’ pet project Apple Lisa – named after his daughter – was a commercial failure. The former  literally walked through fire and came out alive, to be hailed as the true dragon blood. Jobs got fired from his own company only to come back and usher in a new era of Apple’s world dominance with mobile devices.

In short, both have been through numerous ups and down but never loses/lost sight of their ultimate goal: The Iron Throne for Daenerys and undisputed smartphone king for Apple!

Jon Snow – Google

Jon Snow has enjoyed a consistent and loyal fan following, much like Google. Google recently joined the Smartphone battle with Pixel, which is fast becoming the ‘posterboy’ for the brand, much like Snow!

If Ned Stark’s bastard (before the identity of his actual parents were made known) showed chivalry and humanitarian qualities by refusing to kill Ygritte and protecting the mild natured Samwell Tarly, Google acquired – then unknown – services  like Youtube and Blogger.

In spite of their seeming kindness, both Jon and Google, have been playing to their strengths. Jon became a ‘spy’ in the Wildling camp. Google has often come under fire for threatening user privacy. It’s almost like neither Snow, nor Google can do any wrong.

Snow ended Season 7 on a controversial note and we are all waiting to see what he’ll be up to in Season 8. The buzz and speculations surrounding Google Pixel 2 is no less!

Cersei Lannister – Samsung

Crafty, conniving, evil, selfish, and similar terms come to mind every time you think of the ‘Lannister woman’. But she also happens to be extremely pretty and powerful. Sounds quite like the Galaxy series. The Galaxy Note 7 was a beautiful phone and it was equally risky. The Note 7 explosions are still fresh in our minds.

We all know about Cersei’s sins and schemes and we also know about the infamous trial. She managed to dodge death, is still the Queen, is more or less staring at defeat and yet she won’t give up. Samsung products in general have had a similar reputation. Poor quality electronic products have forever been their woe. Brand loyalists are hard to come by. And those who do have Samsung gadgets and phones are constantly complaining! And yet, the brand is far from fading into oblivion.

If you must know, Samsung is the consistent leader in the Smartphone market, that too because of Galaxy. Need we say more?

Tyrion Lannister – Motorola

The little man is one of our house favorites. Clever, witty and a one of the coolest statesman (albeit fictitious) you’ll get to see! Motorola draws a lot of parallels with this learned Lannister.

Motorola is known for their sturdiness and features. The amount of R&D invested in crafting phones is obvious even to a lay person. The brand is also known for their ‘experimental streak’. As is the Imp! Remember his interest in the NightWatch?

Besides, after Lenovo’s takeover, Motorola phones come for a ‘reasonable price’. Tyrion Lannister, unlike his siblings and other GoT mainstays, comes across as a reasonable man. He’s the balance between the two extremes: ‘honor before everything else’ (Starks) and power-hungry royals (Lannisters). Brand Motorola gives a decent choice to those who neither want to overspend, nor compromise on specs.

Arya Stark – Xiaomi

If there is one word that is apt for the Chinese Mobile makers, it is ‘disruptive’. Likewise, Arya Stark is the prototype of the rebel, out-of-line, with very little regard for what is ‘expected’ of her. The younger of Ned and Catelyn’s daughters has gone from strength to strength in 7 seasons. Much like Xiaomi’s (pronounced shao- mee) rise in 7 years!

Arya Stark is somewhat of a dark horse. You certainly can’t take her at ‘face value’, if you know what we mean! She remains in the shadows but is alert and times her blows effectively. Littlefinger’s death at her hands cemented her position as the badass who delivers time and again.

When Xiaomi was formed, the biggies didn’t take much notice of it. Two years later, M1, its first device went on sale. It became the ‘most searched phone on Chinese search engines’. 3 years after its inception, the company moved beyond the Chinese market and today, is the fifth largest selling smartphone brand. We cannot stress enough about the resemblances between Xiaomi and Arya’s journey.

Khal Drogo – Sony

Khal Drogo is one of the most short-lived characters in the series. That doesn’t mean he’s forgotten. In fact, he’s probably one of those characters who even non GoT fans/followers can identify.

Although Sony devices are nowhere in the top bracket as far as sales is concerned, their flagship model Xperia cannot be ignored. Stylish, sturdy, and loaded with specs, the Xperia series is a heavy-duty phone for those who like a slightly unique experience.

Drogo is GoT’s resident hot bod! His long hair only adds to his appeal. He might not be an ‘elite’ but he has his fair share of fan following. He is anything but unidimensional. Those who own a Sony device wouldn’t mind likening their mobile to the nomad warrior.

Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark- BlackBerry

In its 30 year journey, Research In Motion – the makers of Blackberry – did a lot of things right. But they couldn’t catch on in the Smartphone competition. What let them down was their incapability to gauge market trends.

The same was the case with Ned Stark. He was too mired in his sense of right of wrong to see the larger picture. Eddard Stark was an honorable man. He was too honest and straightforward for his own good. His naivete led him to believe in the promises of a crafty man causing him to die a brutal and untimely death.

Blackberry was an adamant brand. In mid 2000s, it was unbeatable. Before WhatsApp and Snapchat, BBN pin was what people used, to stay connected. However, the brand did not take the threat posed by the iPhone hype seriously. What’s more, they refused to change with time and switch to Android until it was too late. Although they do have Android models, latest being Aurora, Blackberry is more or less a dead brand.

Jaime Lannister – Huawei

Last but not the least, we had to include Huawei in this list! It just toppled Apple as the second largest smartphone seller. And we find that the company has lot in common with the handsome hothead. For starters, both are ‘kingslayers’!

Jaime is typified as an amoral, dishonest man. He’s certainly no diplomat, nor kindness personified. All that matters to him is getting what he wants – which are not very hard to figure out – Cersei Lannister and winning battles.

Huawei is uni-dimensional in its pursuit to be on top. It has been embroiled in copyright issues, has been labeled as the ‘largest patent seeker’, been ruthless with an employee suspected of stealing data, and finally got what it wanted: to be a force to reckon with in the smartphone market.

Can you think of likening other smartphones with GoT characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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