WebP Images- New Image Format by Google

WebP format is an innovative image format offered by Google, which provides both lossless and lossy compressed images on the websites. Using WebP format, web developers can create low sized yet good quality images, which in turn helps websites to be more responsive and optimized. You can easily find use of WebP images on Google Play Store.

WebP is intrinsically supported by Google Chrome and Opera web browsers. It is also supported by different software tools and libraries. Therefore, if you open websites which have WebP images in other web browsers like Firefox, it will show the images in normal format like .png or .jpeg. Websites like Google Play Store use WebP image and can be only found if accessed using Chrome or Opera.

About Lossy and Lossless WebP images

Lossy images are a settlement between quality and size, whereas Lossless images are smaller in size yet good quality. Basically, these are image compression techniques which help in creating low size images without compromising with quality. As per ‘Google, WebP Lossless images are at least 26% smaller as compared to PNG images, whereas WebP Lossy images are 25-34% smaller compared to JPEG format.

WebP Image format by Google

WebP algorithm uses prognostic encoding which predicts the value of colors of its nearby pixels and then encodes the difference in color values between actual and predicted values. In these encoded values, there are many null values and this phenomenon devotes in extra decreasing the size of WebP pictures.

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How to Convert WebP images to JPEG or PNG images

WebP images are not supported by common image tools like Windows Image Viewer and others. Therefore, if you save any .webp format image, you will find it difficult to open it.

In this situation it is better to convert it to .png or jpeg formats. Follow the steps below to convert .webp images to .jpeg or .png images.

  • Open Google Play Store using Chrome browser and select any app from which you wish to download images.
  • Now right click on an image and select ‘Copy Image’
  • Now, go to MS Paint from Start > All Programs> Accessories.
    paint for save image
  • Paste the image in the Paint window.start screen
  • Finally save it in .JPEG or .PNG format.
    save image webp to png format

WebP format is one of the best innovative ideas provided by Google as this is helpful in building more optimized websites. So next time don’t be surprised to find an image with .webp extension. Also, you can easily convert it to .jpeg or .png format without using other applications.

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