Top 8 Arduino Projects For Christmas You Can Make In A Day

Did you hang your Christmas lights and decorate your tree? No! Well, it’s time to gear up as Christmas is just around the corner. Or maybe this year you can try something different, not just for decorating, but also for gifting others. And more importantly you’re going to make it yourself. What am I talking about? Well, obviously DIY decoration and making gifts using an Arduino starter kit.

Note: – This is article is for both beginners and Arduino enthusiasts. Read On!

The kit is great if you love tinkering and making gifts or decorating the place yourself. It is a fun way to spend time with your family, friends and kids and fortify your bond with them. Gather the whole family and start your Arduino Christmas Projects for a futuristic Christmas.

For those, who love this amazing kit, here are some fun ideas that you can use for creating beautiful and alluring Christmas gifts and decorative items in a day. Yes, you heard it right!

If you have not heard about this before or don’t know how to use it, read Arduino projects for beginners as well tech enthusiasts here.

1. A Greeting Wreath That Activates Using Motion Sensors

Christmas decoration is incomplete without a beautiful wreath. They are gorgeous pieces of garland that adorn our home to welcome people inside. This festive season, use Arduino to personalize the greetings for your family when they come to visit you. Arduino will aid you in setting up a motion sensor within the wreath. It will then play a pre-recorded message and Christmas songs/jingles after.

It is not just an amazing way to welcome someone, but it can be a great pre-Christmas gift.

It is very easy to set this up, it will take a few hours, but with clear instruction, it’s quite simple. It is the perfect Arduino project for beginners.

Click here on how to construct it.

2. Musically-Powered Fairy Lights

This Arduino Christmas light project is simple and beginner-friendly. All you have to do is string some LED lights together. It creates a warm atmosphere with fairy lights flickering on and off randomly. It’s a simple but powerful decoration that will soothe you. Check out the full tutorial here.

3. Advent Candle

The Advent candle has 25 LED programmable Christmas light, one for each day of December up to Christmas. The lights have a cool effect that shows the current day. It has a button which when pressed play Jingle Bells. It is a cool gift and decoration idea but requires a bit of soldering. Click here to know how to make one.

 4. A Christmas Tree Powered By Alexa

Alexa is immensely popular these days, and one of its unknown use is that it can integrate with Arduino. So, you can use both of these to control your Christmas tree using its LED lights. The Arduino Yun that runs on Linux platform can understand Alexa’s voice command. It can then control LED lights used in the tree.

Controlling your Christmas tree using Alexa would be so much fun. Try this Arduino Christmas project. It will require some work but is not that hard. Click here to learn the method.

 5. A Small Christmas Tree

For people who live in small apartments, it is hard to put a big Christmas tree. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and have your tree. You can buy an Arduino Christmas Tree. It will light up automatically when the ambient lights decrease below the set value. It needs some woodwork, but you can use it as a centerpiece or side piece or anything. Click here to learn how to make one.

 6. IoT-Powered Christmas Tree

If you want to automate different aspects of your Christmas tree, specifically the lights, this is the project for you. With this Arduino-powered (Arduino MKR1000 with Cayenne IoT Project Builder) Christmas tree, you can even catch any activity going around your tree. It could be your family member peeking too early at Christmas gifts. You can use an IP camera that is pointed at the tree to view the activity when any motion is detected.

An Arduino MKR1000 is set on the tree while the other Arduino is set on your office desk. Thus, Arduino MKR1000, which is located on your desk will switch on an alarm light as soon as anything reaches near your tree. You can even program it to receive a text message during any successful detection. You can also make the lights switch on and off at sunrise and sunset.

So, what are you waiting for! Construct this fascinating Christmas tree with programmable Christmas lights that everyone may look with awe. Click here.

7. The Light Show For Christmas

In this project, you are a Christmas light controller, and I mean it literally. The tutorial will teach you how to control the lights and exterior decoration of your house for directing a Christmas Light Show. You can even synchronize the light show with songs and fog machine, which is damn cool.

It is not an easy project, but with the help of the tutorial you can pull it off, and the result is amazing. MIDI is used to integrate music in the light show, and its signals are read by Arduino to turn the relays on/off.

8. Christmas Wall Décor

You can try this next year as it takes a lot of time- cue days. It is a complex, but beautiful wall hanging project that needs time and focus.

The project uses Arduino tech to captures the Christmas essence and make any room feel alive. It requires- working with wood, laser cutting, a DIY transition of components and a lot more. Even the creator took around a week to complete this project, so you need to start this at the end of November. But the good thing is that you have to make it only once. After that store it and take it out every Christmas. Click here to make your Christmas merrier.

These were some of the Arduino Christmas Projects that we recommend you try. If we have missed something, do let us know in the comments below. Also share your experience when trying these delightful Arduino projects exclusively for a futuristic Christmas!

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