Top 7 Alternatives To Tor Browser-Browse Anonymously

From the early 2000’s, TOR (The Onion Router) has been helping people stay anonymous online. People like TOR because they can overcome all kinds of geo-restrictions, access content that majority of the search engines don’t include in their organic searches and can remain entirely anonymous while browsing the Internet.

However, two years ago, FBI successfully breached TOR browser to track dark web activities. It also resulted into complete ban of TOR browser in some countries of the world. Nevertheless, you can still browse anonymously with the help of other browsers who can be used instead of TOR. We’ve listed the top 7 alternatives to TOR browser.

Though these browsers can’t perform as well as TOR, they still offer access, privacy and basic level of anonymity on the Internet. Use them wisely!

1. Yandex


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Yandex is a feature-rich browser that you can use instead of TOR. Yandex hides your IP while you browse online and helps you stay anonymous during browsing sessions. Yandex also stops websites and applications to track your location and browsing behavior.

Yandex has an integrated security system that is powered by Kaspersky. Therefore, it guards your computer from different malware attacks and stops malicious activities to occur on your devices while browsing the web. You can find features like inbuilt PDF viewer, mouse gestures, chromium-based platform etc. on Yandex browser. It supports all major operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Overall, Yandex browser is a good option for people who want an anonymous browser that can help you stay anonymous, load pages quickly and is easy-to-use. Want to download Yandex? Click here.

2. JonDoFox


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JonDoFox, an optimized version of Mozilla Firefox can prove as a great TOR alternative. It provides secure web browsing and keeps you anonymous all the time. The browser uses proxy tools like JonDo to change IPs.

JonDoFox protects your online privacy by using TOR browser. It can protect you against malware programs to keep your devices secure. Therefore, you can preferably use JonDoFox instead of TOR browser to hide your browsing activities.

Click here if you like to download JonDoFox. It’s free and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

FYI:- Many hackers prefer JonDoLive OS to keep themselves hidden from authorities.

3. Windscribe


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Windscribe is a freemium VPN-browser software that shields your activities such as email, Skype and surfing. It stops other users from interfering into user activities.

Windscribe is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use VPN client that can be used instead of TOR browser. Use “Stealth Mode” to ignore barriers like geo-restrictions. You can even bypass government firewalls with Windscribe.

Windscribe is more than a VPN. It can be used as a browser extension that removes trackers and ads, unblock websites and protect identities like TOR does. In addition, using Windscribe is a cakewalk. Just turn on the software and enjoy anonymity. It can be used on operating systems like iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Click here to download Windscribe.

4. Tails


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The Amnesic Incognito Live System which is also known as Tails, can be used instead of TOR browser. The software is a debian (Linux) based operating system that assures complete anonymity over the Internet.

Tails provides many products like instant messenger, mail client, IRC client, and a web browser. Its products are secure and highly anonymised. Tails boots externally in an external storage device such as a DVD or a USB drive. Your documents are directly saved into device holding the operating system. All you need to do is to plug in the device and stay classified. After completing the work, you can unplug the device and it becomes impossible to trace your activities.

Tails is a freeware and runs only on Linux. Click here to download Tails.

5. I2P


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Invisible Internet Project or I2P helps you utilize sophisticated procedures to hide your identity while browsing the web. I2P encrypts the network layer and is faster than TOR. I2P is specially designed for hidden services and consists of a self-organizing capability. In I2P, peers are chosen on the basis of continuous profiling and ranking. The software contains unidirectional tunnels and uses UDP and TCP/IP sessions that hides your identity.

I2P supports identity-sensitive applications by building a powerful and encrypted network layer that secures your communication and keeps you anonymous. Data packets are wrapped up with layers of encryption. The software provides you with applications such as IRC chat and mail client. I2P is free and runs on Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Click here to download I2P.

Note:- Many hackers prefer I2P as an alternative to the great TOR browser. 

6. Freenet


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Freenet is a free peer-to-peer software that uses P2P technology to distribute data storage to send and receive information. It separates network structure and user interaction protocols to facilitate the use of proxy servers (it uses FProxy to use Freenet network).

Freenet versions after 0.7 consists of two-tier security: Opennet and Darknet. With Opennet, you can randomly connect with different users using the Freenet whereas with Darknet, you can connect with Freenet users with whom you have traded the public keys previously. However, both of the modes can be used in sync.

Freenet is a free open-source decentralized software that allows you to publish free sites (that run on the Freenet network), browse and share anonymously. Freenet encourages censorship-free communication, is less risky due to decentralization and has a savage ‘Darknet’ mode that helps you remain undetectable. Freenet supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Click here to download Freenet.

7. Epic Browser

epic browser

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Epic browser designed by Hidden Reflex is a powerful private and secure chromium-based Internet browser that offers great features like inbuilt antivirus, anti-phishing software, one-click private browsing and so on. Basically, Epic browser combines all powerful features of existing browsers including TOR, Firefox and Chrome. This makes Epic a great option for TOR browser.

You can also evade cyber criminals and trackers with the help of Epic browser. You can delete private data with one click and browse anonymously. It is the first web browser software to remove flash cookies. Also, it doesn’t track or check URLs, suggest address bar or auto-translate addresses. Epic also removes installation id, RLZ- tracking number, installation time-stamp and default updater. Basically, private browsing mode does not record history, DNS and web cache, performs no auto-fill, does not prefetch DNS, or record third party cookies. It has a long list of features and is considered as the best apps for desktops especially for Windows users. It supports Windows and Mac OS. Download Epic browser by clicking here.

Here are the top 7 alternatives to TOR browser. These software support private browsing and safeguard your identity and data from any sort of breach. Use them if you don’t want or can’t use TOR browser. If you are facing a problem to understand the browsers, connect with us in comments below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest technological updates and amazing articles.

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