Top 5 Google Glass Features You Need To Know!

Google Glass is a wearable device that looks like a regular pair of prescription glasses. It is one among many devices that wearable technology introduced. It is a pretty cool hands-free gadget that allows you to access internet through voice command and displays data on the glass.

If you have an affinity towards wearable tech, Google Glass is right up there. Here are its top 5 features to pique your interest further!

1. Provides Weather Information

Google Glass provides information of current weather. It’s good know whether to carry an umbrella or not!

2. Capture hands-free photos and record videos

Google Glass has a feature by which you can easily capture photos and record videos via voice command. You just need to say “Ok Glass, click a picture” and the headset will automatically click the picture. Once the capturing and recording part is done, Google Glass will automatically save it in its flash memory. However, it allows you to store up to 4GB and you can also share pictures and recording with others.

handfree photos and video record google glass

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3. Reminders

Google Glass alerts you, when you have an important meeting or doctor’s appointment so that you don’t miss them. You can also sync Google Glass with your calendar to check when you have to go for your next meeting. If you want you can also set reminders at the same time everyday. So, now it is not necessary to check your phone every 30 minutes to keep an eye on your appointment because after updating the task in your calendar you will get visual reminder about it.

4. Google Maps

As we all know, Google Maps is the best app for naviagtion. Google Maps helps in tracing the best route irrespective of whether you know your way to your destination or not. You can simply see turn -to turn navigation in front of your eyes and no one will ever get to know whether you are native or newbie in town.

5. Language Translator

This feature is extremely helpful when you are travelling in foreign countries and you don’t understand the local language. You can use Google Glass to translate the local lingo on the go. Google glass will speak in your ears in your language, so you deal with the situation by your own.

language translator google glass

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Google Glass was developed by Google in early 2013, and is available for $1500. It’s a cool pick for any gadget freak and rather useful too.

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