Top 10 Simulation Games You Must Play

There is an abundance of titles across a variety of gaming and even if not the most popular, Simulator Games are extremely addictive and enlightening.

Simulation games are the most challenging and addictive games. These games give you the actual feel of the real world and you can do all the things which you would not dare to do in real life. The best platform to play simulation games is your smartphone. The controls become way too handy and amusing on touch screen devices.

If you are not an all-time android simulation game enthusiast and you are stepping your feet into one for the first time, Play Store is flooded with many of this kind. We have pared down the list of best simulation games for android to whittle your time in searching for one.

Best Simulation Games For Android

1. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight simulation games are the most popular in the genre. There are a lot of flight simulation games available on Play Store but not all are really good ones. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D will be our choice because of its excellent graphics and challenging missions.

The game features tons of real commercial to military aircraft. Being a pilot, you have to undergo various rescue missions and emergency landings like rescuing shipwrecked people from the middle of the ocean. You can participate in timed races or just breeze in the open flight mode. Pretty addictive gameplay makes it the best flight game, among the best simulation games.

Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D



2. Jurassic World – The Game

Crazy fan of the Jurassic Park series? Want to train your own dinosaur? Jurassic Park- The Game takes you to a build and battle dinosaur experience. It is advised as one of the best android simulation games you can ever play. You have to construct a theme park where your dinosaurs will thrive and evolve. You can collect, hatch, and genetically evolve amongst more than 150 unique dinosaurs.

You can challenge opponents to earth-shaking battles from all around the world. The Jurassic Park film has a vital role in it, you can interact with the characters of the film as a part of the storyline and thrilling missions. Daily rewards such as DNA and essential resources to feed your dinosaur will bind you to the game thoroughly. It is one of the most innovative online simulation games where you can play PVP battles on different levels.

Though it can be played in both offline & online mode, it’s considered as the best online simulator game in the Internet world.

Play Jurassic World – The Game



3. Operate Now: Hospital

This simulation game is best for those who have dreamed about being a doctor once in their life but couldn’t become one. This game makes you a surgeon and performs realistic surgeries such as removing foreign bodies and fixing bone fractures. The game will be intense in some situations where you have to keep your hand steady to carefully operate the patient.

You can build your own hospital and be a manager. You have to manage all the departments such as Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, hiring nurses and medical staff, etc.

This simulation game has a very dramatic storyline similar to medical TV shows. Operate Now: Hospital trails the life of real life doctors and surgeons.

Get this Game here.



4. SimCity Build It

The game will make you the mayor and you have to build your own metropolis and satisfy the population of your city. You are the prime decision maker of the city and as the city grows bigger, decisions must be taken wisely. You can trade, chat and compete with fellow mayors to grow your skyline.

You can build skyscrapers, factories, and landmarks. Collect taxes from the citizens and use them to provide services to citizens such as power plants and police departments. You can unlock exclusive landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. The game gives you extreme liberty to bring your ultimate imagination to the map.

The game brings tussles when you declare war on other cities. You can use a lot of wreckage weapons such as Plant Monster and Disco Twister to damage and see the wreckage live. Earn a lot of valuables by completing challenges throughout the game.

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5. Bridge Construction Simulator

This game requires some brain to make an approach strategically for every task. It is a Bridge construction simulator puzzle game and your job is to apply your engineering skills and intuitions to use your resources intelligently to construct structures that can be able to hold the weight of a car.

The difficulty progresses exponentially when you move to valleys and mountains from a city. In case you get stuck in some logic puzzle the hint system helps you to build your skills as a builder. The game gives a sense of physics to the nerves.

Play Bridge Construction Simulator.

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6. Plague Inc

This Editor’s choice simulation game has been awarded globally for its unique combination of high strategy and realistic simulation.

You have to release a plague across the globe after infecting ‘patient zero’ with your pathogens. Humanity will do everything to defend itself from the plague and you have to use your strategic skills to bring it to an end.

The game is perfect for those who are enthusiasts about dark gameplays.

Download this simulation game for Android right here!

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7. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

How amazing it can be to own a Theme Park? Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch lets you run your own theme park with more than 200 attractions like Roller Coasters, Restaurants, Theaters, and many more. It comes with cool 3D graphics and animations.

Customize trains and stations by simply drawing with your finger. You can also visit your friend’s park and compete with them in various seasonal events and coaster design challenges. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, is one of the best tycoon games you can ever choose to play.

Complete daily challenges to earn rewards to improve and maintain your park and make more money.

Install more tycoon games here!

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8. Fallout Shelter

It is one of the most awarded games on the Play Store. Your job is to build a vault, 2000 feet beneath the bedrock, and save it from the dangers of post-nuclear life. Appoint your dwellers by finding an ideal job for them and leading them to happiness. You can also customize your dwellers with different outfits.

Train your dwellers by sending them above the ground and seek adventure to gain experience. But make sure they remain alive. Train your dwellers to fight and protect the vault from enemies in case of a nuclear invasion.

Check out this simulation game for Android here.




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9. Godus

This simulation game gives you the power of God. You will be the most powerful entity in this game. You will be shaping the world into a new civilization with landscapes whose every inch is shaped by yourself. You can move these landscapes to fit the needs of the inhabitants of your world.

Watch yourself being worshipped by your devoted followers. Being a god, you can shower natural disasters like meteors, earthquakes, and spread fires.

Go over here to play this simulation game for Android.

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10. Farming Simulator

Fulfill your harvesting dreams and take control over your fields with Farming Simulator. Choose the best equipment from real agricultural manufacturers including Lamborghini, Case IH, and Krone.

It is an online simulator game with multiplayer support. You can connect with your friends by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and start harvesting together in an open roaming world.  Sell the harvested crops and grass to the biogas plant to make money. Feed hay bales created from mowing grass to the cows and sell their milk to the highest bidders.

Check out its series of Best Android simulation games here.

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We hope we came up with the Best simulator games amongst the simulation gaming apps on Play Store. Share your experiences with these games and mention one that we might have skipped in this blog.


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