The Best Eco Friendly Apps: A World Environment Day Special!

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Today, June 5th, is the World Environment Day! The global host of 2018 is India and the theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. Coincidently, there was a story on social media channels in which it was reported that a healthy whale fish had died as it had ingested 80 plastic bags! The loss of life of this mammal makes one aware how futile our attempts at keeping our environment clean have been to date. We celebrate the world environment day every year, we must be aware that we do not reduce it as just another day of the year. It is after all, crucial for our survival on this planet that we ensure steps taken in order to protect and care for the environment actually make a difference. Awareness on this issue plays a key factor. Botany (Study of Plants) or Dendrology (study of trees), recycling, carpooling, even mapping one’s carbon footprint are topics where technology comes to the aid. Mentioned below are few green apps to help save the environment.

1. iRecycle:


  • Download: iOS
  • Cost: Free

This green app may currently cater just to the US, but it still offers a huge amount of opportunities for recycling. Keeping in mind that every such step taken makes a difference in the environment, this eco-friendly application helps one recycle to the best of their capabilities. Powered by Earth911, this community is focused on increased recycling and in turn helping create a green planet our future generations deserve. Its key features are:

  • Provides one with the location of the nearest recycling centers.
  • Gives details like phone numbers, zip codes apart from addresses of the recycling centers listed.
  • Has a strong social media presence on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Has expanded to cover parts of Mexico and Canada.
  • Recycles over 350 different materials.

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2. Tree Guide:

Tree Guide

When we go on a nature walk we stumble across many different plants and trees. Unknown to us, they just might be a rare plant or one a tree whose roots can be the answer to our ailments. Obviously, it is not possible to carry a plant or tree encyclopedia wherever we go. In such situations, this green app comes to the rescue. Its key features are:

  • It is easily compatible with an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch.
  • Requires version iOS 9.0 or later to operate.
  • Gives a detailed description of the plant along with its botanical name, its many properties, and even further classifies them based on their leaves, fruit and even the winter characteristics.
  • Even has a separate tree age calculator.
  • Offers a very user-friendly interface wherein one can easily study and analyze northern, western and eastern European trees.

3. Skeptical Science:

Skeptical Science

  • Cost: Free

Shut up that annoying uncle who denies the existence of global warming. Offer him logical and scientific proof that his denial doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening right now! Furthermore, with the help of this eco-friendly app, one can create awareness about the environment in general. Its key features are:

  • Offers 3 different categories to deliver facts. ‘Not happening, Not USA, Not Bad’.
  • One can learn more details under these 3 categories.
  • Application is available offline too. It even syncs data regularly to keep arguments updated.
  • Gives apps users the rights to say ‘told ya!’

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4. Zero Carbon:

Zero Carbon

  • Cost: Free

Carbon footprint is a key environmental factor one needs to be alert about. In our kitchen, at work, our everyday lives, we need to be alert about our carbon footprint. Our activities determine the amount of carbon we are releasing in the environment. This application is just perfect to keep a track on this matter. Its key features are:

  • Easily compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Just requires version iOS 3.0 or later.
  • Offers the users a carbon footprint calculator.
  • Sorts tasks so that one can minimize their carbon footprint in the long run.
  • User can share results with family and friends on social media platforms.

5. BlaBlaCar Carpooling:

BlaBlaCar Carpooling

What better or easier way to save the planet then carpooling? It is cheap, offers a ride to multiple destination while minimizing the carbon footprint. This service is available across the globe in multiple countries and cities. Its key features are:

  • An economic and easy way of travelling.
  • Offers the riders life insurance benefits and drivers car insurance benefits.
  • Assures increased profits on tolls
  • Service available in 16 different languages.
  • Easily compatible with iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch on iOS 9.0 and above.

There you have it folks. Apps to Save Environment are eco-friendly and they definitely make an impact. We hope that one utilizes them in the best way possible as every step taken helps! Happy Environment Day to you!

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