10 Best Vaping Apps For Android in 2023

Even after Apple decided to remove vape apps from its platform (App Store), nothing much has changed. You can download & install these apps from official sites of these apps developers. Now that, if you are an Android user, you still get access to vape apps for Android on Google Play Store.

To our surprise, Google doesn’t suggest keyword ideas on its Keyword Planner tool. Still, it has allowed developers to promote these apps on Google Play Store. You can find plenty here.

10 Best Vape Apps for Android in 2023

From the bunch of these apps available online, here we have reviewed seven best vaping apps for Android-based on their user ratings & reviews.

1. Vape Tool


If you want to save time & money, then you should use the Vape Tool. It helps you make perfect Coils and E-liquids for optimized use. If you are a vaper, then this app should be your friend. It enables you to prepare your E-liquid, understand minimum resistance, max vape current, and calculate perfect Coils.

Features of Vape Tool

  • With Coil Calculator and Coil Wrapping feature, you can calculate perfect coils.
  • With sweet spot finder feature, it helps you check wattage sweet spot for your coil setup.
  • With liquid blender calculator, you can create e-liquids and calculate their final cost.

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2. Vape Assistant


Vape Assistant is a comprehensive solution to all your e-vaping needs. It offers tons of useful features to provide a seamless vaping experience. It allows you to calculate ration of PG/VG/AD and nicotine in the final liquid. You can also use this app to select the strength of the nicotine base. Furthermore, you can add an unlimited number of flavors and add them to favorites. For accurate results, you can choose the number of drops per 1 ml.

Features of Vape Assistant

  • You can use the Vape Assistant to edit and add your own recipes. Later, you can backup and restore the recipes.
  • Displays the total number of components in drops, milliliters and grams.
  • Allows you to import recipes from e-liquids recipe.

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3. E-Liquid Recipeswhite tic tac

E-Liquid Recipes offers an expanding database of liquid recipes for e-vaping. You can use this one of the best vape apps to try multiple combinations in 2021. This powerful vape app for Android allows you to add your liquid recipes and share them easily with other vapers. You can also mix and try a delicious ejuice for your steam generator.

Features of E-Liquid Recipes

  • You can add, create and mix liquid recipes with ease on this platform.
  • You can later rate and comment on various recipes & flavors and share recipes with friends.
  • With information about flavors and manufacturer, you can easily track multiple liquid recipes.

4. ClubVape


ClubVape Try this advanced vape app to enhance your vaping experience ot make it more fun and excitement. It offers juice selector that helps you filter the massive collection of juices by using flavors, categories, and brands. You can even review and read reviews about juices to make an easy decision about selecting the best combinations.

Features of ClubVape

  • With Quit nicotine guide, you get a chance to lower nicotine intake based on the amount of juice you buy.
  • With the store finder feature, you can map out each Club Vape location.
  • It offers a loyalty card and discounts to help you explore the best features.

5. OHMVaping – Calculate Your Vape
safety vape

If you are looking for the best vape app for Android that helps you calculate your vape to the best state, then you should choose this advanced app. It comes loaded with various advanced features to make the vaping experience seamless for you. The best part of this app is that it is easy to use and offers multiple security vaping features.

Features of OHMVaping

  • Working on advanced algorithms it provides the best vaping taste.
  • It allows you to make various combinations of e-liquids for e-vaping.
  • With multiple settings options, you can calculate and test cost of each vape.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

6. LQD

god nectar

With LQD, you get a chance to choose an excellent vape juice. This indispensable helper for vapers helps you try and calculate various combinations for the enhanced vaping experience. This powerful app offers complete detail of any e-liquid including its ratings, proportion of flavors, feedback, vaping sensations, and more.

Features of LQD

    • Provides complete details of all significant e-liquids available in the market.
    • You can later keep your favorite combinations for future use.
    • Above all, it is possible for free!

Note: This app has been discontinued.

7. Vape Geek

coil scheme

Vape Geek has highly appreciated vape app for Android for its advanced coil calculator. It offers parallel exposing to various elements, including Clapton, twisted, simple, and staggered Clapton to create a coil. This way, it supports unlimited numbers of different combinations. It helps you calculate various parameters of the usual coil and enables you to consider the surface area.

Features of Vape Geek

  • It offers easy visualization to depict a coil to fit all sizes and proportions.
  • You can store coil in memory to later edit or see the information.
  • Helps you find the ideal coil for any voltage.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

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Well, you can debate on how productive best vape apps for Android could be to help you quit smoking. Still, there is a large community that is welcoming the use of technology to help quit smoking. Remember, many governments have banned e-smoking in their countries. So, user discretion is always there.

Stay Safe!

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