Sony Might Take On Xbox Elite With Its New PlayStation Controller

Sony has filed a patent for a new PlayStation controller, which is being predicted to be an all-new PlayStation 5 exclusive controller. And the new designs seem to be a planned striker directed towards Microsoft’s premium controller, Xbox Elite. While the earlier designs and the current placement of thumbsticks resemble a lot with the PS4 Dual Shock 4, there are some elements added in the new patent which maybe Sony’s try at competing with Xbox in the premium controller battle. 

Here are some aspects of the new PlayStation controller that were seen in the new patent design. Let’s take a look at how this one may take down Xbox in the market competition:

Xbox Elite: Broadened the Gaming Experience and Offered Extensive Hand Control

Xbox Elite Paddles
Image Source: Flying Orc

Xbox Elite had significant differences against its predecessors. The first one was the four interchangeable paddles hinged to four slots at the back of the controller. These paddles act as additional control buttons allowing gamers to control multiple player moves at once. The four paddles allow users to use their idle fingers to execute intricate control combinations such as long jumps, shooting, and combat movements without removing their thumb from the main thumbstick. 

Image Source: Xbox

The Hair Trigger Locks adds pace to trigger commands, which is of great help in a battle royale and other arcade and shooting games. The locks, when activated, limits the movement of triggers. This way, the gamers won’t have to press the triggers as deep as they go to execute a command. 

The interchangeability is an excellent move allowing players to change pads and joysticks from multiple options from the Elite kit. This has made users have better control over their preferred button mapping that varies from game to game. 

What Has Sony Filed a Patent For?

The new controller designs that have Sony filed a patent for a presumably and almost confidently for its new PlayStation 5 controller. Earlier, it was speculated that the new design would render it incompatible with the previous consoles, even PS4. However, there are certain changes in the new design that might pave the way for PS4 owners to use the new console. 

Let’s see what all features we can predict from the new design:

Features And Aspects The New PS Controller Design Hints To

Image Source: Games Radar

The PS4 Dual Shock 4 was added with a back-button attachment with two programmable back buttons that allowed users to map sixteen different functions and controls. The enclosure had a headset jack as well. The new PS5 controller design shows that this feature would now be an in-built aspect. 

This feature would resemble the paddle attachments as in Xbox Elite. 

It has been confirmed the new console would offer haptic feedback, simulating a sense of touch, thus, allowing more immersive gaming experience for the users. Again, Xbox Elite has a similar feature, which Sony is trying to take on. 

Sony PS5 Controller
Image Source: Games Radar

The new design features a Micro-B charging port just like Dual Shock 4 instead of Type-C charging ports, which may allow gamers to play PlayStation 4 games with the new controller. Since PlayStation 4 can be played over PC with Dual Shock 4, the PS5 controller may also enable the same for its users.

Possible Features That Are Being Speculated

The new PS5 design may have a matte finish with a rubberized grip for better handling, shifts between control buttons, and other operations. 

Since Xbox has announced that the new Xbox Series X controller would be compatible with previous consoles, Sony might follow in the same footsteps and increase the compatibility of the new console. 

Xbox is offering interchangeable paddles and joysticks; however, Sony has not clarified any such speculation and is yet to release a final look. 

Sony may or may not promote this design as its premium controller model, but given the in-built back-button feature, the prices are speculated to go up for this one. 

Sony’s PS5 controller may offer gamers control over the sensitivity of haptic motors to limit touch simulation for those finding it unusual. 

Image Source: Metro

Sony is yet to release a final look to its new controller, but since Xbox has stolen a lot of publicity, Sony might be in for taking it away from Xbox. Moreover, both Xbox Series X and PS5 are marketed as “next-gen” consoles and are hitting shops at the same time this year. So, it would be a fierce and exciting consumer market war this holiday season. As for which one people would prefer over the other, it is a discussion of a later time. 

Do You Think Xbox Can Take Over PlayStation:

Let us know in the comments of your views on the new PS5 controller design. Do you think that Xbox Elite would outmatch PS this time? Which one of the consoles are you looking forward to buying? Hit it in the comments and start a discussion

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