Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 10 Useful Tips & Tricks

After the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year, Samsung has finally managed to release the next phone in the Note series. Note 8, the much-awaited phone has finally been launched by Samsung.

To overcome last year’s tragedy, Samsung made sure that this new phone is power packed with features. With Bixby to waterproof S Pen, Samsung Note8 has all the features you you wanted from a state-of-the-art next generation Smartphone.

If you are a Samsung Note series fan like me and wish to get the best out of it, then you have landed in the right place. This article covers various useful tips and tricks for Note 8 users that  they’re probably are unaware of. So,let’s start discussing all the points, one by one.

1. Use your very own personal assistant, Bixby

Use your very own personal assistant, Bixby

Samsung’s very own personal assistant Bixby is there to take care of your work now. Samsung released Bixby with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It is a voice assistant that is like the voice assistants of Apple and Google.

With Bixby at your disposal, you can now listen to your favorite track just by a command. Not only this, you can also have it manage your daily work and remind you of your meetings and much more.

Another feature of Bixby known as Bixby Vision is one that will help you navigate to places, and even translate text if required.

2. Is Bixby annoying you, you can now turn it off

Agreed, having a personal assistant may appear the best option to get your work done. But to some, this feature may be annoying. Bixby is activated by the button present on the side panel which when pressed opens the Bixby panel. This button when accidentally pressed annoys users as it opens that irritating panel.

Since Samsung wants to make sure that its users are satisfied, it has given users the choice to disable it.

3. Take Notes with Screen off

Take Notes with Screen off

Another amazing feature of Samsung Note 8 is the ability to take notes even with the screen locked. With S Pen, you can now jot down notes without unlocking your phone.

This amazing feature eliminates the need to downloading additional note taking apps and is super easy to use.

4. Is your S Pen wet, don’t worry you can still take notes with it

Is your S Pen wet, don’t worry you can still take notes with it

Yes, we know that you are aware of the fact the Samsung Note 8 is a waterproof phone. But hey, do you know that its S Pen to is waterproof.

Wow, this means that we can use its S Pen to take notes even when it is all drenched in water. That’s amazing, isn’t it!

5. Samsung Dex works with it

Samsung Dex works with it

Samsung has finally come up with Dex, a dock that lets you connect your phone to the desktop and use it just like a PC.

Isn’t this great, you can now do all your work on a PC with the help of a keyboard and a mouse. Just slip in your Samsung Note 8 and that it.

Though some people may not prefer this feature, it is indeed very useful for people who fund mobile screen small.

6. Translation Tools

An amazing feature that adds on to the list is the ability to translate languages. Any text written in a foreign language when highlighted with S Pen will be translated in the language of user’s choice. However, there may be some mistakes at times, as none of the electronic gadgets is 100% efficient.

7. Multitask with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Split Screen

Multitask with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Split Screen

A 6.3 inches screen is a great thing for people who wish to multitask on their phones. Samsung Note 8 comes with Android’s split screen technology where user can easily work with multiple screens on.
With Note 8 you can now launch and open any app in a window that is resizable and floats in the Pop-up view. Simply click on the Pop-up View button that shows up when you tap in middle between the two apps.

The apps in the Pop-up View can be resized and since the screen floats can be placed anywhere on the screen as per need.

8. Perform a hearing test to improve the audio quality

Perform a hearing test to improve the audio quality

With the release of Note 8, Samsung has made it possible for users to have an improved sound quality. Simply navigate to Settings > Sound and Vibration and scroll down to locate Adapt Sound.

Adapt Sound lets to personalize the audio quality by letting you take a hearing test. This hearing test presents you with a series of beeps as a preliminary step and helps you choose which ear you would prefer hearing the phone calls in. Adapt Sound when turned on gives users an all-new experience.

9. Tweak your Note 8 navigation buttons

Galaxy Note 8 lets you customize the on-screen navigation buttons. These buttons can be tweaked in such a way that they look perfect to your eyes. Navigate to Settings > Display > Navigation bar. In the Navigation bar locate the button called Hide. It is present on the extreme left corner of the navigation bar and which let users access buttons only with a swipe up. So, if your personal preference is inclined more towards using the feature you can turn it on. However, simply disable it if you do not want it.

10. Display adjustments

Galaxy Note 8 comes with the best smartphone display. Being the best, it also allows it users to customize the screen as per preferences.

For this navigate to Display > Screen mode.

Note 8 comes with 4 display modes i.e. AMOLED cinema, Adaptive, AMOLED photo, and basic which users can choose from. Users are presented with a demo picture of each mode that makes the decision easy for them.

While Samsung has left no stones unturned and has delivered one of the best phones of the decade, this article will help you make the best out of it.

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