Reviewing The Lightest Call Recording App: All Call Recorder Lite 2020

All Call Recorder Lite is one of the latest in line of Android-based call recording applications. Designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate the app, App Call Recorder Lite 2020 is living up to its name. Sized only 3.8 MB, App Recorder Lite has a one-page interface, while the settings can be tweaked via toggle buttons. All Call Recorder Lite records outgoing calls and incoming calls automatically. The automatic recording feature is set within the app by default; however, it can be changed by users manually.

Let’s dig deeper into All Call Recorder Lite 2020 and see where it wins and where it lags in this section of Android app review:

How Does the All Call Recorder Lite 2020 Works?

Step 1: Install the application from the Play Store on your Android device.

Note: This app is no longer available on Google Play Store.

Step 2: Allow the app to access your phone’s storage, contacts list, microphone, and dialer.
call recorder lite

Step 3: The app’s interface is white-colored with no special menu. You can just slide across pages to shift to a new list of recordings.

list of recordings

Step 4: The settings menu allows users to enable/disable call recording, and select the type of calls you want to record (incoming/outgoing/both).

Step 5: Under the Excluded Number section, you can add the numbers that you don’t want to record any calls from.
Excluded Number

Step 6: You can also set a PIN to protect the app from unwanted intrusions

Step 7: Once the application settings are tweaked accordingly, look for the recording notification when you’re on the call.
recording notification

You can start organizing recordings on your All Call Recorder Lite app. The app records call accordingly and then list them by time on your app. You can then slide through the interface to view incoming and outgoing call recordings separately.

What Benefits the Features of All Call Recorder Lite 2020 Have?

– Record calls automatically and can store it in multiple formats, including .mp3, .amr, and .mpg.
Benefits the Features

– It has a one-page interface, however, users can slide to view different call recordings per their type.

– The application itself is lite, with a total size of 3.8 MB for Android devices.

– The smaller size makes it compatible with even the older versions of the Android operating system.

– Users can also choose whether they wish to record both outgoing and incoming calls or record all of them, and that too, through turning on or off the respective toggle buttons.

– Add contacts from the contacts list to exclude them from recording criteria.
Add contacts

– Is mostly known for being less buggy as it contains minimal features and does not have a bulky interface.

Drawbacks of All Call Recorder Lite 2020

– One of the most major drawbacks is that users are unable to rename the call recordings from within the app (they can be renamed from within the file manager). This makes it highly difficult to navigate through multiple call recordings, and select a preferred one from the list.

– While the interface is easy to interact with, it doesn’t match up to the appeal of others in the competition. An attractive interface does count as a significant factor.

– Cannot choose to record or not record when the user makes or receive a call. Users will have to pre-define the numbers you want to exclude from any call recording.

– The call, given its limited abilities, cannot record calls from other VoIP services such as WhatsApp.

– The ads tend to annoy a lot.

Full Specifications

– Size: 3.8MB

– OS Required: Android Kitkat 4.0 and above

– Developer: Electro Dev


If you can deal with the fact that you won’t be able to change the names of your recordings, then I say this is the best you’ve got. However, there are a few better apps with a better interface that does the same job. The lighter size, yet, has got All Call recorder Lite some positive reviews since the basic interface and minimal features means lesser chances of bugs and application crashes.

The app is running on Version 6.7.5, with the last version released in October last year. The app is constantly under ongoing upgrades, and you can see more efficiency in the app’s performance in the future. Rated 4.2 on Play Store user ratings and reviews, All Call Recorder Lite 2020 is worth a try.

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