Reviewing “Record Phone Calls – Call Rec”: Beating Others By An Inch

Record Phone Calls – Call Rec is a fancy name, but a bit longer to keep in mind. The app does exactly what other similar apps are trying to do, i.e. record phone calls on an iPhone, but is just slightly more comprehensive. Record Phone Calls- Call Rec is an automatic call recorder application for iPhone users. Based on a subscription-based pricing Record Phone Calls is loaded with the features that can help you record, edit, and save essential call recordings that you may have to use in the future.

call recording on iPhones

It works as same as other call recording applications useful in the event of an important business call, a telephonic interview, or during a verbal altercation with some consumer support executive. However, Record Phone Calls is able to make things a bit simpler and beat everyone else’s approach. Apps like ACR Call Recorder have been doing the same thing, and that is based on a similar pricing model, and no one needs two call recording applications on their iPhones. So, it gets a bit tricky to choose between the two. But, Record Phone Calls – Call Rec win by an inch.

Let’s dig deeper into its use and advantages and drawbacks to look out for:

Setting Up Record Phone Calls

Just a reminder – Apple doesn’t allow call recording directly. So, just like other iPhone-based call recording applications, you’ll need to permit Record Phone Calls-Call Rec to access the conference calling functionality on your iPhone.

Besides, it would help if you also kept in mind that when you’re recording a call, you must have the other person’s consent for the same. Else you may face legal repercussions for recording a call without notifying the other party.

With that said, let’s move on to the procedure of using Record Phone Calls-Call Rec on iPhone:

Step 1: Get the app on the Apple Store for Free here. You’ll have a 3-day trial period to use the Record Phone Calls app, post which you need to subscribe to a preferable plan.

Step 2: Enable conference call service support for the app to get it started.

Step 3: Enable the app to access your contacts in case you need to record a call from any number saved within the contacts.

How to Record Outgoing Calls on Record Phone Calls – Call Rec?

Record Outgoing Calls on Record Phone Calls

Step 1: Before making the call, head to the app and dial the service number. This call will be to the recording services of the app.

Step 2: Now dial the number you wish to call either by typing it in or by selecting from the contacts.

Step 3: Merge calls to create a conference line. This way, the call recording will be enabled.

Step 4: Access the recording call from the library within the application.

How to Record Incoming Calls on Record Phone Calls – Call Rec?

Record Phone Calls - Call Rec

Step 1: Here the things get a bit tricky as in other apps. When someone calls, you need to put that person on hold first.

Step 2: Head to home-screen and then go to the app.

Step 3: Dial the service number, and you’ll be redirected to the dialer screen.

Step 4: Merge the calls and start a 3-way conversation. The call is now on record mode.

Advantages of Record Phone Calls – Call Rec

– Easier to use in comparison to the other such applications.

Record Phone Calls

– Have an organized library for incoming and outgoing call recordings.

– It contains an efficient search option that allows users to retrieve recordings from the database.

– Have a feature to trim down the recordings and edit them for the essential parts of the recorded conversations.

– The pricing is comparatively cheaper. The monthly plan is just for $7.49 while some apps charge more than $10.

Disadvantages of Record Phone Calls – Call Rec

– The 3-day trial period is too less for a fair trial of the app.

– The app sometimes drops the calls whenever merged with the number dialed or received.

– The app requires at least iOS 9.0 to work, meaning it may not work on the older iPhone models.

– The interface of the app is comparatively less intuitive from the other applications offering the same service.


Size: 112.7 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Category: Business

Languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.


Yes, indeed, Record Phone Calls -Call Rec is not doing anything newer, but it has simplified the older ways at least. The app offers a how-to guide before you register and select a plan to get a hold of it. The library is pretty organized, and the retrieval and search of required recordings are easier than the other applications. By merging contacts, you may never need to change the recording name as they’ll be labeled against the contact name for the dialed number.

It’s best to use for business, as other call recording apps are and serve all the required functions effectively. Rated 4.3 on the App Store, Record Phone Calls – Call Rec has become one of the highest-rated call recording apps on Apple Store.

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