Reviewing Identity Force: A Fine Tool To Keep Yourself Safe Online

Companies like Identity Force come to the rescue and help protect your digital identity at every step when you’re online. For many of you, Identity Force may be a new name. Nevertheless, it has been around for more than a decade now, offering services for internet How Identity Force Works- The Service Segments Image Source: RewardExpert[/caption]

Identity Force offers two plans as a part of its protection services to individual users. One is called UltraSecure and other one is called UltraSecure+Credit. As for what they have to offer can be speculated by the names the company has used to advertise their services. Identity Force divides its services into four different segments of Internet security, and thus, covers you in an impenetrable shield against potential cyber-attacks and thefts. All these segments are integrated well into what Identity Force does to ensure your safety on the web.

How Identity Force Works
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In the first segment, Monitoring, Identity Force track and follow your details and information you’ve posted in any format on the web. Identity Force would monitor fraudulent sources and illegal internet domains to look for your information and alert you if its traces are found on unauthorized sources. The software also provides alerts in case your logins and passwords were accessed without your permission, as well as restricts users from accessing or downloading your personal info from social media websites.

How Identity Force Works-1
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In the second segment, Alerts, Identity Force makes it easier for you to carry out your online activities without threat for data breaches. The software would alert you in case there has been a breach, or you’ve granted information access to an unauthorized source without undergoing terms and conditions. Moreover,  it also ensures that your Social Security Number isn’t being associated with an unfamiliar name or identity. Under segment Control, Identity force would offer you tools to control your online portals by adding layers of security for access. This includes anti-malware and PC protection tools, review over your medical statements, 2FAs, and assistance of service experts over loss of your data or leak of your bank details.

How Identity Force Works-2
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The final segment, Recover, would make you very fond of Identity Force services. So, in case your data is stolen or misused under the protection of Identity Force, you get a $1 Million coverage along with complete restoration of your stolen identity, as well as recovery of potential reputation losses you may have suffered over misuse of your information.


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All of the things above is what you get in the UltraSecure plan, whereas UltraSecure+Credit has a little more to offer. Basically, it’s just an extension to what you already have on the other plan. The UltraSecure+Credit doesn’t offer a security feature above what you get in UltraSecure Plan but adds up Credit monitoring facilities over that. The plan would have a more extensive monitoring over your credit card activities, as well as would help you simulate and estimate your potential credit score. This would basically help you to restrict your credit usage and plan it wisely. Above that, it’s all but the same. However, for a business personnel, the Credit option works far better than the basic UltraSecure plan as it would allow him/her to have an additional check on finances and business-associated transactions.

Mobile Application and Service Alerts

Mobile Application and Service Alerts
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Both plans have an integrated option for mobile activation of your Identity Force account. The app allows you to keep your monitoring and alerts on without logging into your Identity Force  account on a desktop or laptop. This feature would let you carry your protection with you without any hassle and worries. Moreover, your entire account is linked via an email ID and your phone number. So, in case of any threat or breach, you are alerted via mail or SMS text.

A Simple Interface

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Identity force is an easy-to-use platform, with every service accessible and easy to monitor from the dashboard itself. The dashboard gives you the latest monitoring updates, alerts, and real-time monitoring of your credit accounts activities. The My Services option there would let you know what information of yours is provided to identity Force and is under active monitoring. The Alerts & Reports section is a list of alerts, listed in latest to old style, which are provided by Identity Force. These alerts would be categorized into categories and until the alert is high, you need not worry for a breach or misuse. Other panels allow you to alter details and manage your account, along with accessing Identity force support, all from a single page.

Price Tag

Price Tag
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The big decision-maker, pricing of Identity Force does not exceed user’s pocket, at least not when you consider what it has to offer. Annual fee for UltraSecure Plan is $17.95/month or $179.5/year, which might be a little extra than what other security providers are charging; however, the features here still outmatches them. On the other hand, the UltraSecure+Credit plan would come at a cost of $23.95/month or $239.5/year. Once again, it’s not much if you consider the options it has for you. The Credit score simulation and estimation it offers would generally cost you some amount, and that for one single simulation. It might go up to $12 per simulation if you do it from an external banking source, and here you get to do that for a year under one-time investment.

The Dilemma of Giving Up A Lot

The Dilemma of Giving Up A Lot
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Most users are worried about the fact that in order to protect themselves, they need to give away a lot of information to Identity Force. From your name to your bank details, all is required to be input in the software to allow it to track the right accounts. And to trust a private organization with all that is sometimes not a good choice. However, in case of Identity Force, this is not the case. The company has been around for a while now, and the fact that it is a  direct service vendor for government bodies like the US Department of Education and the US Department of Homeland Security, you can be assured of its credibility.

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The Verdict

The extensive services are the major highlights here. However, it is a bit expensive and may outrun pockets of a lot many consumers. However, given the credibility in the market, it’s always better to give your protection in safer hands. The monitoring interface is easy to comprehend, but it takes longer than usual to set up. Consumer reports have also claimed that the credit card simulation is not as precise as it’s claimed, which lowers the accountability of the +Credit plan. But, in the end, the insurance and strong support in case of emergencies, makes Identity Force a fair choice of tool to ensure your security over the web.

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