Primocache Review: Your Computer Can Be Incredibly Fast, Like Never Before

Do you want a faster computer without spending a fortune on hardware?

I bet there would not be a single person who wouldn’t want their PC to become faster without upgrading their hardware. There are many software that can make your computer faster like optimization applications, disk cleanup software, defragmentation apps, antivirus, etc. But there is a new type of software known as RAM Drive Software that can speed up the data fetching and transfer in your system and make your computer and all the apps installed within respond quickly and efficiently.

Today, we are going to discuss PrimoCache, an amazing application that helps reduce the time taken to access and fetch data from your storage device and improve the system reading performance.

What is PrimoCache?


PrimoCache is an application that provides a caching solution that involves the system memory, SSDs, and pen drive to speed up the slow storage drives in our PC. The normal hard disk HDDs with a rotating disk is generally considered to be a slow device when it comes to reading and accessing information. Hence it takes time for the data you requested to be retrieved and this led to the introduction of SSDs. However, there is nothing faster than your RAM and PrimoCache is responsible for storing disk data into the system memory so that the data that is requested again can be directly accessed from the cache which would be a faster process.

PrimoCache can complete write requests swiftly by storing the incoming data on cache devices like your RAM and then transferring them to their corresponding disk later. In other words, PrimoCache makes your RAM act as a writing buffer and improves the writing performance of your computer.

How Does The Primocache Work?

PrimoCache is a cache application that generates a second filter layer on the drive storage layer and prevents Windows read and write requests to disk. It follows a unique principle and checks if the data that is required exists in the cache or not. If it does exist, then the data is fetched simply by reading its cache, else the data is read from the disk first and then stored in the cache, and only then it is sent to its destination. The next time the same data is requested, it is fetched from the cache itself and not from the original hard drive location.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Primocache?

Download Primocache

PrimoCache is a remarkable application that is transparent and easy to use. It automatically caches the required data without making any setting changes to the Windows OS and the applications installed.

  • PrimoCache helps users to resolve the issue of reading and writing performance when dealing with small personal computers or large servers.
  • There are no chances of conflict when your cache data is full because PrimoCache silently replaces the old cache data with the new data.
  • There can not be any sort of data loss or corruption in cases of system crash and power failure. This is because all the data that is stored in the cache is a copy of the actual data that exists in the hard drive,
  • PrimoCache helps users increase the lifespan of their hard disks as this app reduces the reading and writing process and in turn reduces the wear and tear of your hard disk.
  • This astonishing software helps improve the boot and load time of all applications and also facilitates better gaming experience, performance, and overall responsiveness.

What Are The Features Of Primocache?

Here are some important features of this application which is an excellent caching solution to speed up your storage activities.

Faster Loading Of Apps And Data

PrimoCache automatically creates cache memory and stores frequently used apps, documents, and other files into the temporary storage so that they can be accessed at lightning speeds. This will increase the response time for creating, producing, and gaming applications and at the same time decrease the boot and load times.

Increase In Disk Writing Speeds

All the write requests are completed swiftly as the incoming data is temporarily stored in your RAM and then transferred to the target disks. This process helps your PC to accumulate the heavy or stream write IOs and at the same time reduce the number of writes on your hard disk.

Offers Tiered Caching

PrimoCache allows users to operate with all types of storage devices like RAM, Invisible memory, SSDs, and flash disks. It supports creating two levels of cache that runs RAM and SSD at the same time. This is because RAM is a super-fast cache device and SSD has more storage capacity than RAM.

Simple and Flexible

PrimoCache is an easy to use application with an intuitive interface that sets up multiple caching strategies and supports flexibility in various scenarios. It also supports alternative writing modes and provides individual read/write space to elements stored in the cache.

Data Migrations Are Not Required

Data Migrations

If you want to use this application then you need not reinstall your windows OS or move your documents and transfer your data to another drive. There are no changes required to your computer’s existing hardware.

Tried & Tested!

When measured on a simple HDD the PrimoCache delivered the drive benchmark scores to times more than the normal read/write. It also delivered more than 500 times in 4KB read/write.

How to Use PrimoCache on Windows 10 PC?

Here are the steps to use PrimoCache on Windows 10.

Step 1: Download and install PrimoCache from the official website.

Step 2: Double click on the installation file and carry out the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: Once the app is installed open it and click on the + icon on the top left corner.

Step 4: Select the volumes to create a new cache task.

cache task

Step 5: Configure the parameters of the Level 1 cache and click on Start.

Step 6: Minimise the window and let the Primocache work in the background.

Specifications Of PrimoCache

Operating Systems Windows 10,8.1,8,7,Vista & XP (32 & 64 bit)
Servers Supported Windows Server, 2019, 2016,2012, 2008 & 2003
Storage Supported RAM, SSDs, Flash Disks, RAID, Dynamic Disks. Local Disks etc
Cache Size Supported Level-1 Cache (System Memory): 0 – 1536GB (1.5TB)

Level-1 Cache (Invisible Memory): 0 – 1536GB (1.5TB)

CPU 1GHz x86/x64 compatible
Storage 50 MB

Pricing of PrimoCache


The PrimoCache offers a 30-day trial version to all users to understand and test the software before purchase. It offers four purchase plans as shown below:

One Computer Personal Use $29.95
Two Computers Personal Use $49.95
Three Computers Personal Use $69.95
One Computer Commercial Use $39.95

The Final Word On PrimoCache Software

PrimoCache software is described as a must-have application that can not only increase your system performance but also reduce the wear and tear of your hard disks. It is an easy to use application and does not consume much of the system resources. The trial version for 30 days would help anyone to understand and enjoy the benefits of this software before purchasing it. Let us know in the comments section below about your experiences of using this software. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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