Broke Mid-Month? Ask These Payday Loan Apps To Cover You Up! (Android/iPhone)

Blog Summary – Are you looking for a smart application to help you with your loans? Here is the list of the best payday loan apps to help you with advance payments. You will find some additional features such as budgeting, timely reminders in these easy-to-use encrypted apps for your smartphones.

Not every month goes smoothly for us financially, be it managing a job or a business empire. Some situations are capable enough to take our money away in between the month, be it medical bills in addition to phone bills and house rent. In case you are planning to nag a friend for it, let the option pass. Rather get money before payday using payday loan apps installed on your phone.

A few questions, along with the terms of lending appear in front of you and you get the money right there. Before we spill all the beans, let’s just see money lending apps and their smart features.

Top Payday Loan Apps

 1. Earnin

Absolutely free of cost, Earnin is known for allowing you to draw small amounts before the actual payday arrives.

To sign up, you need to pass these steps:

  • You have to tell the place of your work and connect the app with the bank account.
  • The paycheck advance app will confirm how many hours of work you have done for the day and pay you accordingly.
  • As you will get your money on the payday, the app will automatically deduct the amount lent.


Other Features:

  • If you do not remember the bill due dates, check their calendar that informs you about timely payments.
  • If you cannot wait for money and wish to get it urgently, just connect your debit card to Earnin account.

Earnin: Android | iPhone

2. Brigit

You would be happy to know about its 0% interest rate and 90 seconds approval policy. This payday advance app allows you to borrow up to $250 for any unexpected requirement and moreover, just connect your bank account and it’s done. You can think of the credibility of this payday loan app by learning its connection with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, etc.


Other Features:

  • End your overdrafts before any penalties appear in your account using Brigit.
  • Your data remains absolutely private using AES-256 encryption.

Brigit: Android | iPhone

3. CashNetUSA

Isn’t it cool that you can ask for a loan right from your device using payday advance apps? Yes, and here comes another one, CashNetUSA. Once the loan is present in your account, you can check the balance, loan status or review the whole history.


Other Features:

  • Convenient reminders give you push notifications through the in-app feature.
  • Fast and easy support to the users.

CashNetUSA: Android | iPhone

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4. MoneyLion

This cash lending app claims to have the most powerful financial membership and trust of more than 5 million people. It works very smoothly; sign up, get a new black credit card, and instant money transfer will be done with no hidden costs or minimum balance fees.


Other Features:

  • You can transfer some of your money in the MoneyLion Investment account from where it will be invested in personalized folio.
  • Consider upgrading your membership and get 5.99% APR loans with various other perks.

MoneyLion: Android | iPhone

5. Dave

One of the coolest payday loan apps is Dave with freedom from credit checks. Sign up and get up to $100 in advance then and there! You would also remain free from interest and overdraft with Dave. Interestingly, if you are spending thrift and not realizing it, Dave will send you a notification or alert so you take a proper step ahead.


Other Features:

  • When you provide any tip to this money lending app, they use it beautifully by planting the trees for a clean green environment.
  • You can find ways to earn extra money side by side from here.

Dave: Android | iPhone

6. PayActiv

Keep your finances resolved using PayActiv by borrowing it indirectly. How? You can have access to not only your earned money but also Uber, Amazon, etc. As you book your Uber ride through the app, the ride cost will be paid through PayActiv which is later payable. Or if you are looking for benefits on shopping from Amazon, PayActiv is here!


Other Features:

  • No extra charge is applicable when you pay electronic bills through this payday loan app.
  • If financial advice is the need of the hour, get right here!

PayActiv: Android | iPhone

7. Even

Get paid, master your bills and even make some savings using Even. You can get your money before payday on-demand in one business day. In fact, you can pick this money from any Walmart coming on the way. The best part is no interest or hidden fees are applicable along with timely reminders.


Other Features:

  • It works on the concept of your earned money only and not loans.

Even: Android | iPhone

8. Klover – Instant Cash Advance

Klover – Instant Cash Advance allows you to take loans up to $200. It advertises that there will be no late fees, interest charges or credit checks making it stand out amongst the traditional bank loans. 


Other Features:

  • Score points for earning more loans by watching ads and taking surveys.
  • This helps you with budgeting and also keeping a track of credit score.

Klover: Android | iPhone

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If you have been facing financial issues to cover up bills, car-gas or anything, consider once again these payday advance apps and you may be able to free yourself from the situation.

Keep away from any stress and let us know your experiences with any of the payday loan apps. More suggestions are welcome in the comment section below!

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