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Adobe photoshop

21 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins To Save Your Time

When we talk about Adobe Photoshop it’s all about the right colors and intensity used to design and create an image. And when it comes to graphic design and image editing in particular then there are chances that the designer might be usi...


8 Best TV Remote Apps for Android

If you're tired of misplacing your TV remote or just want the convenience of controlling your TV from your phone, a TV remote app might be the perfect solution. With a TV remote app, you can use your Android device to control your TV, set-t...

Movies & TV

10 Best Netflix Games To Play On Smartphone

For most of the last decade, Netflix has served as the top OTT subscription provider. It has created numerous top-notch tv series, including The Sandman, Dark, Jamtara, and Money Heist, to name a few. However, on November 21st Netflix intro...