Top 10 Mobile Performance Testing Tools in 2023

What is the most valuable thing one possesses today? – SmartPhone

Smartphone users have been constantly increasing and the current Pandemic situation seems to have accelerated the rise of mobile devices. This has led to the conversion of many offline tasks to online and hence the demand for mobile applications is also on the rising. However, before any app is launched to the general public it must be tested, and this guide will help you select the best mobile performance testing tools.

Top 10 Mobile Performance Testing Tools in 2023

The mobile application performance testing tools determine the performance of an app on different devices, under heavy traffic and user loads, various network connections, and many other such factors. It also checks the way it performs on the client-side as well as server-side.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the quest of choosing the best phone benchmark app.

1. Akamai CloudTest

Akamai CloudTest
Image: Akamai

The first one on the list of mobile performance testing tools is Akamai CloudTest that uses user-based testing to provide the mobile app performance report. This tool can be adapted by different businesses to assess the load across the world, simulate major events with precision control, and provides customizable dashboards.


  • Contains a visual playback editor that allows users to drag and drop test cases.
  • Test creation includes conditionals and loops along with nest actions and validations
  • Global Test Cloud delivers accurate production from locations across the globe.

Trial Version: On Request

Pricing: On request

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 2. Apptim

Image: Apptim

One of the best phone benchmark apps is Apptim that allows its users (testers, managers, and mobile app developers) to perform various tests on their applications. It also supports client-side performance testing and analyses critical issues if any. Other features include measuring render time of the application, consumption of battery power, usage of resources, and similar functions on both Android and iOS.


  • Appium Test Automation helps capture performance metrics.
  • Compare Two Test Sessions
  • Integrate Jira and publish bugs and track them

Pricing: Free version available with certain limitations and Standard version at $159 and Pro version at $799 monthly.

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3. BlazeMeter

Image: BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is a mobile application performance testing software that can be used as a load testing tool. It provides a web-based interface for running JMeter scripts for dynamic load tests. Other features include distributed testing, real-time reporting, and continuous integration with APM (Application Performance Monitoring). It supports running tests from multiple geo-locations and cloud platforms.


  • Compatible with JMeter and can be used via mobile devices too.
  • Quick test setup within a few minutes.
  • Report sharing and team collaboration

Pricing: Free limited version with paid versions starting at $99 per month and Pro version for $499 per month.

Click Here to visit the Official website

4. Eggplant

Image: Eggplant

Talking of mobile performance testing tools, the list can never be complete without Eggplant. This testing application is used by all types of businesses and QA automation testers to check the platform compatibility, use AI for websites, machine learning features, and DevOps. There are load testing tools for mobile applications that can simulate any load degree you wish to generate.


  • Easy to generate scripts.
  • Customize virtual users
  • Broad technical coverage.

Price: Trial version available. Price on Request only.

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5. Experitest

Image: Digital

One of the best performance testing tools available today is Experitest which allows its users to integrate SaaS tools into every ALM environment and other platforms like Microsoft Visual Studio, Python, and Junit along with Selenium. It provides quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, manual testing, load testing, and performance testing.


  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.
  • Measures Performance data, Speed Index, CPU consumption, and Transaction duration.
  • Performance Metrics can be integrated into Manual and Automated testing.

Pricing: Free Trial Version with price customized as per requirements.

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6. Gatling

Image: Gatling

If you are looking for an open-source best phone benchmark app then your search ends with Gatling. It includes a performance testing framework based on Akka, Netty, and Scala tools. Users can use this tool for load testing and analyzing/measuring the performance of services and focuses on web applications. The best feature of this mobile app testing tool is that it offers a web recorder and provides colorful reports.


  • It supports HTTP(s) protocols and JDBC/JMS load testing.
  • Provides HTML report
  • Contains DSL for test development
  • Assured performance ensured by a nonblocking engine

Pricing: Free open-source version available along with a paid version on request.

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7. HeadSpin

Image: HeadSpin

Moving forward on the list of mobile applications for performance testing, we have HeadSpin, a digital platform built on Artificial Intelligence. It combines test automation with Machine Learning and analytics experience. With HeadSpin, you can facilitate activities like QA, operations, engineering, etc throughout the SDLC.


  • Monitor and analyze QoE
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities to detect performance issues
  • Metrics and events provide understanding and insights.

Pricing: Paid version only and price after request.

Click here to download

8. JMeter

Image: JMeter

Now that we are nearing the end of the list of mobile performance testing tools, it is time to discuss JMeter which is an open-source tool used for load testing. Developed by Apache this application is a java based on software with a GUI. It can measure the behavior and performance of web applications and mobile apps under different circumstances. Some of the testing tools included can be used to test load, stress, performance, functions, and regression. Mobile testing can be done by configuring a proxy and then by analyzing the responses captured by JMeter.


  • The Graphical interface is simple and interactive.
  • Supports Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • Supports SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, and POP3
  • Reports can be generated in graphs, tables, trees, etc

Pricing: Free and Open source software

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9. Neoload

Image: Neoload

We would discuss the final best phone benchmark app in this list: Neoload that offers realistic mobile load testing. It supports both Android and iOS platforms and allows users to create test simulations that match real-life scenarios. You can record any mobile app and check the direct record native, hybrid, and phone apps using a device or emulator.


  • Supports Network virtualization for bandwidth, latency, and packet loss
  • Simulate any mobile device or browser
  • Test real devices and browsers under load

Pricing: Trial Version available and pricing on request

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10. Apica LoadTest

Apica LoadTest
Image: Apica

The next on the list of performance testing tools is Apica LoadTest, a testing service that can detect the bottlenecks that hamper the performance and check for the scalability of all your programs. It helps app developers to deliver amazing customer responses and experiences. Apica is not limited to mobile applications but can support legacy applications, e-commerce sites, and video streaming apps.


  • Helps to simulate real-world scenarios with high traffic.
  • Integration with AppDynamics and New Relic.
  • Scripting Tool that allows developers to perform complex load testing.

Pricing: On request

The Final Word On Top 10 Mobile Performance Testing Tools in 2023

That concludes the list of mobile applications for performance testing that can be used for load and performance testing of mobile apps. There are different types of requirements for each type of testing whether it is cloud testing or testing on different platforms. You can check out each app and avail the trial version (if available) first before purchasing the subscription. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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