Artificial Intelligence: Our Lives Will Never Be Same Again

Did you realize how most appliances around you have become more adept and smart in doing their  job? Well, it’s all because of advancement in A.I. technology (Artificial Intelligence) that literally poured life in our humble machines. Ever wondered, how Google and commercial flights have become so impeccable? That is Artificial Intelligence, doing the job for you. From your daily commute to email spam filtration to banking security, everything is now facilitated by AI.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?

As the name suggests, this technology works towards providing some degree of autonomy to a device/gadget/machine, so it can operate with the least amount of human interaction. Facilitated by another underlying technology known as ‘machine learning’ the AI learns through various interaction and user habits to adapt its behavior and efficiency over time. In other words, Artificial Intelligence provides machines the power to comprehend and reciprocate towards environmental forces and make unforeseen decisions without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence

When it comes to being human, mistakes are omnipresent. Like humans, AI is also not born perfect and needs regular improvement based on the studies and nature of working environment. The only thing that relieves the developers is the power of adaptation in Artificial Intelligence. Not every AI technique is upto the level of being organized when its first ready. Just like a human understands and agree to certain natural and behavioural manner, Artificial Intelligence becomes smarter by adapting the facts and experiences.

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What Is The Scope Of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence have a scope beyond the achieving capacity of human being. However great the Google Assistant and Apple Siri become, they’ll always have a greater opportunity to improve. If we believe the experts, the Artificial Intelligence we are using right now is the base or emerge level of AI and is called Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). It means, this technology can copy the way a work is done by human but it is not self-aware.

Although, what we currently have, wasn’t easy to achieve. However, the experts and developers always strive for better, which is why the world is developing. Experts want a better technology than ANI, which they call AGI or Artificial General Intelligence. AGI is going to be a great version of AI or ANI, which would have the power to analyze, plan, reason and comprehend the critical concepts. Unlike AI, AGI would be able to do better things at better pace with an incredible ratio of success.

Artificial General Intelligence

After the AGI concept, experts thrive to achieve the next level of Artificial Intelligence, which they call ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence. ASI is going to be a greater version of AGI, which not only take care of the complexed algorithm but also be able to self improve based on the data collection. It means, ASI is not going to be confined to its programming limits and be able to amend in order to be improved. It is like being a doctor, where you practice, examine, analyze and perform an surgery if needed.

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Overall, Artificial Intelligence is one of those technologies that are going to rule or cater the world. It is also correct that the experts are nervous with the end results and the evolving future of AI due to its capabilities and limitless powers. However, this is the time when the technology should grow and do good for the world and the human race.

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