Microsoft Whiteboard – Best Digital White Boards Available Today

Microsoft has been working hard to improve the existing features of the Whiteboard app. Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital canvas which is free to use and can be downloaded from Microsoft Store or the Ink Workspace shortcut. This intelligent canvas can be operated by many other devices other than mouse-like touch, digital pen and keyboard. However, as it is one of its kind programs, not many of us can use it efficiently. Here are some features which would help in using the Microsoft Whiteboard.

10 Tip And Tricks For Using Microsoft Whiteboard

1. Choose an Individual Object

A selected individual object is denoted by blue dotted lines which can be chosen by a mouse click or by tapping on the screen. If you are not able to select the desired object, then select any object and press the Tab Key on the keyboard to move the selection between different objects on the Whiteboard.

2. Choose Many Objects

Microsoft whiteboard - choose many objects

Choosing multiple objects is an easier task in Microsoft Whiteboard. Use the Lasso tool to draw a closed figure around the objects you want to select, and once your release the mouse, all the objects will be selected. The grouped objects then can be shifted to a different position or deleted from the Whiteboard. This tool can be activated by clicking on the shortcut, which is located in the bottom bar under the pen icon.

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3. Access Object Toolbar

Microsoft whiteboard - access object toolbar

The contextual toolbar provides many more options and features that can be used to customize your work. To access those additional features, Make a right-click on the object and the toolbar will appear.

4. Resize Objects

One of the essential features of Microsoft Whiteboard is that the users can resize any object they wish. To resize any object, you have first to select it and then click on the small icon located on the right bottom corner and drag the mouse to increase or decrease. Users can alter the size of text, images, drawings and tables.

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5. Clear Canvas

Microsoft whiteboard clear canvas

If you want to delete the complete drawing on Microsoft Whiteboard, then you can do that by clicking on the eraser icon and then click once on Clear Canvas option. This would clear the canvas in one go instead of deleting every object individually. You can also tap on the hamburger menu at the top and clear canvas from the drop-down list.

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6. View The Complete Whiteboard

As you might have realised that Microsoft Whiteboard is a never-ending board, and you can only view that portion on which you are working. The rest is hidden towards the right and left. To get a complete view, you can zoom out the Whiteboard to the minimum, and you would be able to make out all your objects and drawings on the current project. To view the complete Whiteboard, click anywhere on the blank space.

7. Modify Pen Colour And Width

This is the most prominent feature of any drawing app and is very easy to follow. Just double click on the pens, and you will see a list of options to choose the pen size and change the colour from the palette.

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8. Identify The Shape And Replace It

Microsoft whiteboard ink to shape

Microsoft Whiteboard has a fantastic feature of identifying the shape drawn by the user and replaces it with its correct form, from its database. Say, for example, you drew a square, and it is a bit rough on the edges. Microsoft whiteboard will replace it with an entirely drawn square from its gallery. This feature is a boon for those who cannot draw very well.

To avail this feature, you must activate it from the settings for one time only. Click on the hamburger menu and enable Ink to Shape option. You can also enable Ink to Table option if you wish to replace your hand-drawn table with a perfect table.

9. Multiple Canvases And How To Rename Them

Microsoft whiteboard multiple canvas

Microsoft Whiteboard is a single application with multiple canvases to work upon. You can create many whiteboards and choose among them, just click the back button on the top left corner. Here you can create a new whiteboard or rename the existing ones to avoid confusion. Renaming is easy, and it requires you to click on the hamburger menu present on the Whiteboard and type in the untitled section. The three dots also give you an option to delete the Whiteboard.

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10. Colour The Whiteboard

Microsoft whiteboard - background

You can also get rid of the boring white canvas and opt for a colourful one. Just change the background colour from the three lines icon and select Format background. The new colour will reflect on the main screen, which will help to differentiate between whiteboards. In the same way, users can also choose the grid type for each canvas.

Bonus. Save The Whiteboard

Microsoft whiteboard - export

Microsoft Whiteboard enables the users to save the canvas as a PNG file, which can be used as any other image file. Click on the Hamburger menu and select Export.

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Did You Learn Something New About Tip And Tricks For Using Microsoft Whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard is one of those amazing applications that have been developed before time, and as a result, it is not utilized to its full potential. Currently, it is used for Project planning, Problem-solving, taking notes and brainstorming projects.

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