Microsoft Teams App For Windows Receives UI Update and New Features

Microsoft Teams receives a major overhaul to enhance its performance and streamline the user interface. The latest update promises a faster and more user-friendly experience for Teams users.

The News

Microsoft has revealed a revamped Teams app for Windows to elevate the user experience. The latest iteration offers a faster, more streamlined, and smarter interface, ensuring greater flexibility for users of the popular collaboration tool.

Teams app
Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest version of Teams promises lightning-fast installation and meeting launches – three and two times faster, respectively. Furthermore, the new app claims to consume significantly less memory (50%) and disk space (70%), which could spell relief for users experiencing slowdowns with the current Teams app. Indeed, these performance improvements are noteworthy and could greatly enhance the user experience for Teams users.

“Microsoft has undertaken a significant overhaul of Teams by abandoning the Electron framework in favor of Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology. The app has also shifted entirely to the React JavaScript library and has placed more emphasis on Fluent, the company’s design language, to drive UI improvements. These changes demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to leveraging its own technologies to enhance Teams’ functionality and user experience.”

The Improvements in The New Microsoft Teams App on Windows

Microsoft Teams App on Windows
Image Credit: Microsoft

Aside from performance improvements, Microsoft has also revamped Teams’ aesthetics to align better with Windows 11’s look and feel. The refreshed Teams app now boasts a more native Windows app-like experience, complete with Mica translucency, white canvas color, and fewer purple accents. Group profile pictures and theming add to the revamped look, while the app now switches automatically to dark mode. Overall, these visual upgrades promise to deliver Teams users a more seamless and cohesive experience.

While the new Microsoft Teams certainly looks and performs better, the upgrades go beyond that. Microsoft has incorporated several useful features that willenhance the app’s functionality and utility for users. And here are they:

  • Microsoft is addressing an issue many users have encountered during meetings by introducing an auto-lowering hand feature. Participants will no longer have to manually lower their hands after speaking – the new Teams app will automatically do so, streamlining the meeting experience and eliminating any potential confusion.
  • The latest Teams app now offers a more seamless way for users to manage multiple accounts within an organization. The updated client features a drop-down menu that displays all accounts and alerts, allowing users to switch between Teams instances without logging out and switching tenants. This new method ensures quick and easy access to different accounts, enhancing the user experience for Teams users.
Teams users
Image Credit: Microsoft
  • Microsoft Teams is set to introduce AI-driven video filters that will elevate the video presentation experience. Users will have access to several animated frames, as well as the ability to modify their video’s hue. These filters, powered by AI technology, promise to make video meetings more engaging and dynamic, thereby improving the overall meeting experience for Teams users.
  • The latest Teams client is not only a performance and design upgrade, but it also lays the groundwork for Microsoft’s upcoming AI-related projects. Specifically, the new client will play a key role in Microsoft’s plans for its Copilot assistant and other AI-powered features for Teams.
Copilot assistant
Image Credit: Microsoft

“Microsoft has outlined Copilot’s integration with Teams, where it will function as an AI assistant that can schedule meetings, provide recaps, and even answer general questions. Additionally, Copilot will exist as a chatbot within Teams, allowing users to retrieve data and information from Microsoft 365 services and apps with ease.”

Availability of Revamped Microsoft Teams

At present, the new Teams preview is exclusively available for commercial users, but Microsoft is committed to expanding its reach. The tech giant has announced plans to make the preview available to users in education, government clouds, and VDI platforms later this year. This expansion will enable a broader user base to benefit from the enhanced performance, design, and features of the new Teams app.

Although an enhanced Mac version is being developed by Microsoft, it won’t be released in beta form right away.

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