Microsoft Collections: How To Enable And Use It On Edge

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser has tonnes of features that make your web browsing more flexible and efficient. The browser has added support to extensions from other web stores and has also upgraded the interface to look more appealing to the users.

One such feature from the new Microsoft Edge is the Collections Collections was in the early phase of testing during the start of the year. It was then slowly rolled out to Edge users. Now, with the Microsoft Windows Version 2004, the feature has been made available to all Microsoft Edge Users.

The feature is meant to help those who use the web frequently for research purposes. As the name suggests, Collections allow users to save their webpages, specific webpage content, images, links, etc. and create a separate collection of them within the Edge browser.

Let’s learn more about Collections and see how to enable and use it on your Edge browser:

What are Collections?

Collections is a Microsoft Edge built-in trick cum featurette that allows web surfers to save their important web pages, links, and online images into a dedicated collection. This helps those who go through tonnes of web pages while researching for a write-up project, market research, and other professional purposes.

The feature supports adding drag-and-drop images, which lets you create a collection of your favorite photos on the web just as users do for Instagram collection. Furthermore, users can also select and specific text from an entire webpage and then drag and drop the selection into the Collection box. Besides, you can also write added notes to mark the purpose of having a particular text, image, or webpage for reference purposes. All these features account for simplified web research and make it more efficient for users to collect information in one place rather than browsing through tonnes of webpages, hence cluttering the browser.

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How to Enable Collections ?

Connections are now built-in the latest Microsoft Edge browser version. Just update your Microsoft Edge to get collections.

Step 1: Click on the horizontal-ellipsis on the top-right corner of the browser screen.

Step 2: Head to Help and Feedback ? About Microsoft Edge.

How to Enable Collections

Step 3: Edge will automatically check for updates and begin updating the browser version.

updating the browser version

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How to Use Collections on Microsoft Edge?

1. Creating a Collection

Step 1: Click on the Collections button to open the Collections tab on the right side of the browser screen.

Creating a Collection

Step 2: Click on Start New Collection.

Start New Collection.

2. Adding the Entire Page

Adding the entire page to the collection is just a one-click process:

Step 1: In the next section, you will find an Add Current Page button.

Adding the Entire Page

Step 2: Click on the button to add the current page that is opened on the browser.

add the current page

3. Adding Image via Drag and Drop

Step 1: Head back to the New Collection page.

Adding Image via Drag and Drop

Step 2: Click on the Start New Collection button.

Step 3: Click and hold the desired image you want to add and then drag the cursor to the Collections bar.

Click and hold the desired image

Step 4: Leave the cursor, and your image will be added to the collection.

Leave the cursor

4. Adding Selected Text to Collections

Step 1: Select the text you want to save to the collection.

Step 2: Click and hold the selected text you want to add and then drag the cursor to the Collections bar.

Click and hold the selected text

Step 3: Leave the cursor, and your selected text will be added to the collection with the webpage’s link that text has been chosen from.

Leave the cursor, and your selected text

Step 4: Click on the text to open the whole webpage that text has been selected from. You’ll see that the selected text has been highlighted in yellow to show that it is a collected portion of the text.

Click on the text to open the whole webpage

5. Adding Note to a Collection

Step 1: Select a Collection.

Select a Collection.

Step 2: Click on the Add Note button.

Click on the Add Note button

Step 3: Add content in the Note box. You can also format the content using formatting options above the Note box.

Add content in the Note box

6. Adding New Item to an Existing Collection

Step 1: Click on an existing set of collections.

Step 2: Drag-and-Drop a content or an image to any point in the Collection box and add a new image/text to the existing collection.

Drag-and-Drop a content

Step 3: To add an entire webpage, click on the Add Current Page button on the top.

Add Current Page

7. Changing Collection Name

Step 1: Click on “New Collection.”

Changing Collection Name

Step 2: Rename the Collection.

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