Meet The All New Mozilla Browser: Firefox Quantum

Mozilla has released an all new version of Firefox: Firefox Quantum. Mozilla claims it to be the biggest update since 2004 and according to it, it is twice as faster as the previous version of Firefox.

Firefox Quantum is a modern, intuitive, and a fast browser for your devices. With Quantum, Mozilla has changed the way Firefox looks and have completely overhauled it. It is 2x faster than previous version of Firefox in speedometer 2.0 benchmark.

Mozilla also claims that its new browser consumes roughly 30% less RAM than Chrome.

Firefox Quantum is smooth and faster in tab browsing if you are browsing with many tabs opened.

New features Introduced:

Mozilla packed its new browser with many advanced features, these features will make your browsing experience much better.

    1. Switching is easy: New to Firefox? Don’t worry, new Firefox Quantum will instantly transfer all your bookmarks, auto fill, passwords, history and other information from any browser easily.
      Import wizard
    2. Improved Private browsing: Now browse more securely using improved Private Window. It actively stops online trackers when you enable Tracking Protection and will not save any history.
      It also blocks advertisements which have integrated online trackers which improves page loading time.
      private browsing
    3. Screenshots: Now directly take screenshots from the browser itself and share them, you can take screenshot of full webpage or visible section of webpage or any specific region of a webpage.
      Webpage screenshot
    4. Pocket: Now save any webpage for viewing it later, once you Sign up in Firefox account you can easily view you pocket list across different devices.
      Webpage save to pocket
      webpage save to pocket tags
      Pocket signup
    5. Gaming and VR: Firefox has now in-built support for WASM and WebVR. Which means you can directly put on your VR goggles and click on the VR goggles icon when you found any web game or any webpage that supports VR.
    6. Library: With all new library, you will now find all your Pocket saves, bookmarks, browsing history, screenshots and downloads in one place.
      Firefox bookmarks
  1. Customization: Quantum is more customizable than ever, you can customize your browser according to your needs.
  • Extensions: Now you can Customize it with thousands of extensions, which help you to improve your browsing experience.
    customize extension
  • Themes: Customize your Firefox according to your choice. You can choose your theme according to your preference or you can create your own theme.
    firefox addons themes
  • Toolbar: Now you can drag and drop your favorite item directly into toolbar or you can add them to overflow menu.
    firefox toolbar
  1. Syncing: You can instantly sync information across various devices. Also, you can send open tabs to your synced devices.
    firefox syncfirfox sync tabs

New Firefox quantum browser is much faster, lighter and smooth. If you are using any other browser we suggest you give it a try, you will see a whole new browser which is loaded with feature and optimized for performance. Mozilla did a great job of updating their browser and making Firefox more optimized than ever.

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