Is It Possible to Make Money on Torrent Trackers

Earning money has always been associated with traditional ‘offline’ mediums found in the real world. But nowadays, several people are inclined towards the Internet that offers several opportunities to generate fast cash.

With such an active growth in various professions related to the Internet, the possibilities to earn passively expand as well. The majority of Internet users have heard about Torrent, a place to install movies, music and other files on the global network at high speed for free.

To download via torrent, you need to find a special torrent VPN, then search for the desired file and start installing it. Since Torrent networking doesn’t depend on the server, as these torrent files are bits of data basically scattered across several computers. So, you have to take these small bits of data from other users’ computers to complete the downloads on your system.

Even though streaming gains popularity and has even managed to surpass torrent resources, it does not mean that the latter are unpopular. They remain in the bookmarks of users. We will highlight some of the most acknowledged resources that attract most of the traffic.

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Download Torrent Files

Which Torrent to Choose?

No matter if you have ever used a torrent or not, though most likely you have. If you are nodding you must have definitely heard about The Pirate Bay. This is the number one resource that has been in top rankings for many years. It has existed for roughly 16 years. This is an impressive age for such a resource.

Though recent years were really troublesome for the platform due to its increasing popularity of streaming and broadcasts. A few months ago, it closed registrations but still is accessible to the public. As the future of this resource is obscure, this is not the best tracker to consider for making money.

YTS/YIFY is a well-known release group and a popular torrent resource established in the market in 2010. The release group began its activity by uploading torrents to PublicHD, KickassTorrents, 1337x, The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent, some of the most popular names in the category. The first release of the group was the DVD-rip Toy Story cartoon. YIFY was claimed as an unsinkable submarine in its time.

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YTS provides users with high-quality movies and showcases a well-structured database with movie descriptions, posters, screenshots, and trailers. You can download files on this torrent site without signing up.

The pros are:

  • a huge range of movies: from classic ones to the premieres;
  • a possibility to use limited traffic conditions;
  • stylish and user-friendly interface.

YTS was under the Top 2019 Torrent Tracker category, since it is fully devoted to the movies. Those who enjoy cinematography will surely like it because it has an excellent interface and a large selection of motion pictures.

There is another resource that is among the most popular ones, i.e., Torrentz2. It has been launched instead of that was forced to terminate its activities in 2016. Torrentz2 is mostly used as the search engine as it does not itself host any of the files that users can store and download.

Which Torrent Use

Torrent and Business

So is it possible to make money by means of torrents? There are several options for building up your business using torrents:

1. Trading accounts is one of the ways to make money, but you won’t earn a lot. The bottom line is to promote your accounts on torrent trackers and sell them. Other users who need to download a huge amount of files from the trackers will buy those accounts. What’s more, it’s definitely a time-consuming process. To get a highly-ranked account, you should not switch your PC off giving the possibility for the other users to download popular files, movies or whatever.

2. There are quite popular trackers from where you can install the most exclusive content. Only those who have bought access can sign up there. Depending on the tracker, an access can cost from $5-$30. After purchasing access, you can start selling it.

3. Create your own theme blog. For example, it may be a blog with new movies. You can upload trailers, movie descriptions and express your opinion. However, the main thing here is to always leave the link open to the torrent tracker page where specific films can be installed in high quality. When users visit your blog, they will go to torrent trackers and download movies from there, but while they are on your site, they can click on ads and this will make it possible for you to earn money.

What Are the Pitfalls?

The main disadvantage of this earning method is that torrenting lies somewhere between legal and illegal activities. These days, more and more torrent resources are being sued and have their proceedings in courts. For instance, YTS has been recently suited for three times. As a result, the consent to repay losses to one of the film-making companies has been signed by YTS. Who knows what the other two suits will result in?

What’s more, the use of torrents is permanently blocked by Internet Service Providers, as well as by the regulations of local authorities. To make use of such resources, one should utilize a VPN. This is, indeed, the solution to this problem. However, one should bear in mind that the legislation gets changed all the time. Thus, it might be possible that you need to find another VPN service for torrenting if the one you have been using has got servers in a country that has decided to prohibit torrenting resources.

The competent implementation of such a project and its successful promotion will earn its keep. However, it’s necessary to get insight into the technical part, since not everyone is able to create their own website. This method may require funds investment, but, unlike others, it is really effective. One should also be attentive to the legislation in force and recent amendments so that you know how to act in this ever-changing world.

So, answering the question of the possibility to make money with torrents, the response is definitely positive. However, one should be attentive and careful enough while huge income should not be expected.

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