Lost All Your Safari Bookmarks on Mac? Here is how you can restore them

Bookmarking the websites we use often is a good habit. But sometime we get so use to bookmarks that we forget web addresses. In such situation if you lose or accidentally delete your bookmarks, it could make you feel lost on the internet.  If you are in the same situation and have lost Safari bookmarks, then you can follow these steps to restore lost bookmarks in safari.

  1. Launch Finder on the Mac.
  2. Now press and hold ‘option key’ for some time.
  3. Select “Go” and then “Library.” (The library option will appear when you hold down the ‘Option’ key.)


  1. Once you see library, open “Safari” folder.
  2. Here you will find a file called, ‘Bookmarks.plist’ that has all Safari bookmarks.
  3. Now, open your Time machine and select “Enter Time Machine.”

enter time machine mac

  1. Time Machine will now run in your Safari window. Therefore, you just need to navigate back to the time when your bookmarks are deleted accidently.

restore from time machine mac safari bookmark

  1. Click “Restore” once you have reached the exact day and time.
  2. you can choose from two options either keeping original (which replaces the current file) or having both.
  3.  Choose an Option as per your choice but preferably you should choose to keep both files because this will restore lost bookmarks in Safari and will allow you to keep the new ones.

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That’s it you will find that your bookmarks are restored successfully and you can use them with your new bookmarks. So now do not panic if you have lost a bookmark and you do not know the website. Simply restore your bookmarks following these steps and enjoy browsing.


  • comment_avtar
    Robert Rossi
    Thank you so very much for this important step by step instruction on how to restore my bookmarks. Rarely does one find an instruction that is point by point easy to follow or actually correcting the issue. You really saved me a lot of back tracking.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Robert Rossi
    Now I’m back tracking the previous comment. Something else is causing the disappearing bookmarks list. Although the steps above recovers the list it won’t remain. Ive tried removing the email account and reinstalling it but to no avail. I ran anti-virus and anti malware programs and nothing appears out of order. Somehow the file is either corrupted or something else is causing the continued disappearance of my bookmarks list. Unfortunately I am having to create an entirely new bookmarks folder and I don’t possess the tech savvy to create a new Bookmarks.plist program. But thanks for getting me as far as you did.

    4 years ago

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