LastPass Hacked: Here Is What You Need To Do

LastPass is one of the most widely used password managers, with over 33 million users across the globe. It has amazing features that allow you to store all your credentials within its secure digital vault, including impossible-to-remember passwords. Recently it has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Official sources claim a breach, and hackers have laid their hands on the application’s source code.

Do The LastPass Users Need To Be Concerned?

Last Pass Hacked

According to a LastPass spokesperson, the security breach was done in the development section, meaning none of the user credentials or any data has been compromised. Significant steps have been taken to prevent this type of breach in the future. It seems all the products and services are working fine at this point, and users need not worry about anything and continue using them as usual.

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LastPass Master Password Feature

Last Pass Hacked

Interestingly, LastPass used a Master Password concept to secure the digital vault filed with the user’s credentials. Once the user installs the LastPass app on their device, they can save all the critical information inside the LastPass vault locked by a Master Password. The next time users wanted to access an app or website, they would only have to enter the Master Password. The LastPass would automatically fetch the corresponding credentials from within its vault.

As confirmed by LastPass, the positive news is that the Master Password was never documented or stored within the app on the device or any of LastPass’s servers. It was one of the things that the user had to remember at all times. This means there isn’t the slightest chance that the malicious actors attempting a security breach on LastPass could get hold of any user data or credentials.

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What Should LastPass Users Do Next?

Last Pass Hacked

  • If you were to trust the LastPass officials, there seems to be no danger, and you can continue business as usual.
  • If you doubt, you can switch to one of the LastPass alternatives. We would recommend TweakPass after analyzing all the other alternatives.
  • If you need something free, you can always go for built-in password managers with the browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. However, we would not vouch for the security provided by browser password managers.

Note: We would strongly recommend not to use a free password manager tool as the security implementation by free tools is not as efficient as paid tools.

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Why Do You Need A  Password Manager?

Last Pass Hacked

Password managers store all your passwords and log-in information in one place, allowing you to sign in to your accounts with just one tap. A password manager creates unique, random passwords for each website or accounts you visit. A password manager is like a safe keeping all your sensitive information. One master password can be used to access several passwords stored in the password manager. By creating secure and distinctive passwords for each of your accounts, password managers also guard you against identity theft.

TweakPass: The Best Password Manager For Your Credentials

TweakPass Password Manager

TweakPass is a potent program that automatically fills in your login information and encrypts all of your passwords. It is a free password manager plugin for the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. The following capabilities are available in the free password management plugin TweakPass:

  • Your passwords and other private information are all maintained in one location.
  • Passwords are secured using AES encryption technology.
  • With the help of this program, you may manage, add, change, and delete passwords.
  • It generates strong, unique passwords for each website or account you visit.
  • Online forms are filled out automatically.
  • The user interface is easy to use and clear.
  • You can access your passwords from any device because it syncs them across all your devices.

The Final Word On Last Pass Hacked: Here Is What You Need To Do

LastPass security breach is a shocking turn of events because the company that was supposed to protect our credentials got hacked by malicious actors. If what the company reveals is true about the fact that the Master Password was not saved on their servers, then I guess LastPass can continue using the app without fear. 

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