Changes in Free Password Managers (LastPass & Dropbox)- What Could It Mean for Users?

With LastPass free password manager imposing restrictions on usage and Dropbox moving in the opposite direction, some serious changes in the password manager industry could be witnessed. What does this mean for the users? Is it LastPass’s way to convert free users into premium? Will this open doors for Dropbox or the company is trying to gain user’s attention and take advantage of the shift?

Whatever the case be, surely it will impact users.

Curious to know about the changes both companies are planning to make?

Read further to find out what LastPass, & Dropbox have for you.

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What changes did LastPass Announce?

Last month LastPass – the best free password manager announced it will make some changes to the free version of the password manager. This includes –

  • Unlimited access on one type of device, which means – you can access LastPass on either a system or smartphone.
  • To decide which device the user wants to use LastPass on, the user will get three chances, which means – the user can switch the main device three times. And after that, if the user prefers using the free version will have to decide between desktop or mobile version.

News for Those Looking for Discount on Paid Version of LastPass

After announcing to attract users and make them stay, LastPass for a limited time is offering a discount on Premium subscriptions. So, if you have been waiting for a discounted offer, now could be the time.

This explains, LastPass is trying to make free users pay. But what is Dropbox doing that is catching attention?

Do you think this discounted offer can lure Apple users, as iCloud Keychain is available for free?

Announcements made by Dropbox Passwords.

Where on the one hand, LastPass is limiting things, Dropbox is just doing the opposite. Starting this April, all Dropbox users will have access to Dropbox Passwords. This means, even if you are using the Dropbox Basic plan, you can access Dropbox Passwords (limited version)

Dropbox Basic users can enjoy following Dropbox Passwords features –

  • Save 50 passwords at a secure encrypted place.
  • Access passwords from anywhere, anytime.
  • Three devices automatic syncing
  • Share passwords with anyone (coming soon)

To get a notification about Dropbox Password availability, sign up here.

Why only 50 passwords?

According to Dropbox, the 50 password limit is a decent amount for Dropbox Basic plan users. Those who like Dropbox Passwords after this can upgrade the plan while those who are already paying $11.99 monthly for a Plus account or $19.99 monthly for a professional account can use Dropbox Password without any limit.

Will these announcements change anything for the user?

For free users, the announcement made by LogMeIn the company behind LastPass comes as a surprise. Now they will be able to use LastPass on only devices, this means the free tier will be more limited and if free users want to enjoy all the features users will have to pay.

Though this change will not make you lose passwords but will surely make you switch to only one device and pay for additional devices.

In addition to this, a few more changes like:

  • Email support will only be available to Premium and Family users. This means free users will have to look for answers in the community forums and support center.

These will be implemented, two months from now i.e. May 17th. What LastPass has to say about this decision?


Credit: LastPass


“We love being a part of the security routines of more than 20 million users across the world. As our community of users continues to grow, we need to adapt our offerings to keep up with the constantly evolving digital world. With that, we have some changes to our LastPass Free offering.”

In addition to this, LogMeIn says this step will not lock-free users out of their accounts. Instead, they will just be limited to a device type with unlimited access to the password manager. Say if you are someone who uses LastPass only on PC’s the change won’t affect you but if you use LastPass on PC, Mac, Smartphone, you will have to pick one device to use.

Moreover, according to the company the change is part of focusing on delivering premium products with increased security and quality in the future.

“Over the coming months and years, users will continue to see the added value and new features added to LastPass Premium.

Is there any alternative password manager that we can use?

Yes, there are many you can check our post on best password managers. Plus can give TweakPass- password manager a try to secure and generate random passwords.

So this is what we think. What’s your stand? Please share the same comments section.


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