Know All About The New Features Of Notes In Mac OS High Sierra

Every time an update rolls out for Mac OS, new features and improvements are seen in various native applications but not Notes. This time after the release of High Sierra, Apple has added new features to Notes as well.

Let’s take a look at the features of New Notes and check out how it makes our tasks easy.

Introduction Of Tables To Organize Your Information:

mac tables to organize

With the introduction of Tables in Notes, you can organize your information in columns and rows.  To add a table to your notes, all you need to do is go to Format-> Table from the menu bar. The default table appears with three rows and two columns, however, you can add more rows and columns if you want.

You can add links within the table, to do so, highlight the word or phrase where you want to insert the link, then press Command and K to add a link.  Moreover, you can format the text within the table with color, size, font and more. The tables cells can only handle text.

You can also drag a column or a row to a new spot on the table easily. Notes let you adjust the width of columns according to the size of your window, and the height of rows according to the content in it. However, you can’t manually change the size of the cells.

By adding tables, Notes lets you organize your information like a list of tasks or other things in a more visual way. Use your creativity and imagination to use this table feature to make your notes more interesting.

Earlier, in Sierra, Notes was used to create a to do list, a list of errands that you have complete. Beside each item, there would be a checkbox to mark it once the task is done but in High Sierra, you can convert the list to a table and also can add columns for steps needed to be taken to complete a task.

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Pin Important Notes On The Top:

Pin Important Notes On The Top

With new Notes, you get a sidebar where you can arrange your notes sequentially, with the recent note on the top. It is very easy to search notes from the list. Moreover, you can create folders to group relevant notes together. To create a folder, go to View > Show Folders, then click the New Folder button at the bottom.

With High Sierra, you can pin notes to the top of the list of notes. You can pin n number of notes and they will stay at the top in a Pinned section.

To Pin a note, you need to right click in the list and select Pin Note option from the context menu. Tada, your note is pinned. To Unpin a note right clicks the note and select the Unpin from the context menu.

Like the notes, recently used or recently pinned notes would be on the top of the list and you can’t drag them and arranged them according to your preferences. Pinning the notes is a great feature add to the notes as it lets you keep your notes handy without cluttering the list. Moreover, you can use it a task manager.

We all know Notes, when first launched was an app, when opened had a yellow pad with unique font style. But now, it has travelled a long journey and has been enriched with a lot of features like iCloud syncing, collaboration features, and the ability to add to your notes from almost anywhere in macOS and iOS.

Check out new Notes and let us know what do you think in the comment section below.

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