How Would Extended Security Updates For Windows 7 Work

With each day the time to say good-bye to the ten-year-old Windows 7 draws near. After four years of ending mainstream Windows 7 support, on January 14 2020, Microsoft would push to end extended support for Windows 7 and then, it would be the end of an era.

Once Microsoft Windows 7 support ends, there would be an immediate change in user experience, which would fall upon like a sudden illness. After the end date for Windows 7 support, there would be no further Windows 7 security updates. Which means any case of system hijacking, malware injection, or ransomware attack on Windows 7 would not be taken care of by Microsoft. The company would not issue any security patches for Windows 7 security loopholes, thus leaving systems vulnerable to further threats.

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And it doesn’t end here, third-party applications would slowly become incompatible to function on Windows 7 PC and software developers would eventually stop supporting Windows 7 as a suitable OS to run their products. And these are just those flaws that Microsoft has warned us about since mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in 2015.

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But, being the primary preference of a number of small and medium businesses and a mainstream operating system on corporate PCs, Windows 7 may thrive for a little more while. Microsoft has decided to offer “Extended Security Update” for those systems which are running on Windows 7 OS purchased under organizational settings. Let’s see how corporate users can use extended security updates for Windows 7 and enjoy further security patches for Windows 7 for a little longer.

Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 for Organizations

Organizations and registered small businesses would be able to access Windows 7 security patches and extended Windows 7 support, but at a certain cost. This means Microsoft would help such organizations by offering continued security patches and support at a designated price. Now, it may sound a good option to pay for Windows 7 extended security patches, but, it’s basically a facade.


Currently, Microsoft would charge $50 per device for extended support for Windows 7. This is the cost for one year. In the second year, this price would increase to $100 per device and then to $200 per device in the third year. So, basically, to have those patches, you’ll be paying double the original price every year, or at least, the next two years.

The point is that these extended security updates are not to continue Windows 7 as a mainstream OS but are to urge people to switch to Windows 10. Given that people are still using Windows 7, Microsoft has left no option but to impose costs on users so that they get motivated to a more reliable, secure, and continuously developing Windows 10 OS. Despite that, it is definite that organizational users will still pay for the extended security updates and Microsoft would have to push them harder to make the switch.

Home Users? Say Bye-Bye Windows 7!

If you’re still using Windows 7 in a home setting, be prepared as the Windows 7 security holes are going to strike you soon. Microsoft has stated that the new extended support for Windows 7 is not going to be offered to home users. Therefore, they should wrap up their bags and move to Windows 10 before January 2020.

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In my personal opinion, it is high time users start upgrading to Windows 10. Windows 10 is currently supporting all major software updates and the latest third-party applications associated with different tasks. Even if users continue to use Windows 7, once the extended support ends, these software developers would eventually stop offering support for Windows 7, leaving users without essential applications of use.

Nevertheless, home users, it’s time to bid farewell to Windows 7.

Upgrade to Windows 10 and Maintain Optimal Performance

Once users upgrade to Windows 10, which they can also do using Windows 7 key; the next step would be to maintain system performance at the best. To achieve that, you must keep your Windows 10 drivers and software updated.

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Windows 10 is in under continuous evolution and the associated software updates and driver updates are constantly rolled out by Microsoft.  If you fail to update these drivers, then your system hardware won’t effectively communicate with the OS and thus, would hamper your usage experience. Though it won’t result in a system crash, it may result in app crashes and lags in applications run.

So, make sure you run to your Windows 10 Device Manager regularly and update the system drivers on a regular basis.

But, since this would be too much of a task, you can automate the driver update process. Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best tools designed for Windows, that execute automated driver updates on Windows 10 PCs. Advanced Driver Updater;

  • Scan through all the drivers for potential updates and list them all out at once.


  • Allow users to start update process for all drivers altogether. This saves users all the hassle of updating drivers one-by-one.

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  • Creates a backup of previous driver versions. This way, you can roll back your PC to previous driver version if any of the new updates cause lag issues.

All these features make the Advanced Driver Updater a reliable and fast-functioning driver updater tool. Plus, it would help you keep your system updated and intact, offering the best performance and user experience on Windows 10.

Though organizations can take a breath of relaxation as for the new extended support for Windows 7; however, it would be better for them to make an early switch. This is because no matter how much they pay, Windows 7 will lose the significance of software developers in time.

And once useful software stops running on Windows 7, the OS would cause new troubles for organizations. It’s the best time to switch and move forward with Windows 10.

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