How to Vaccinate Your PC for Online Schooling?

Covid 19 Pandemic is caused by SARS CoV-2 commonly known as CoronaVirus. Likewise, some malicious programs or codes are called computer viruses. However, to combat these computer viruses and keep your computer safe and secure, you need a major vaccination dose that is capable of fighting almost all malware, known as Antivirus.

During the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic, children have been asked to stay indoors as the ongoing vaccination drive covers adults only. We had heard of online gaming but online schooling is the new trend where kids do not physically have to go to school but take classes online. This guide covers all the precautions you must take on your child’s PC before connecting to online classes.

How to Prepare or Vaccinate your PC for Online Schooling?

With the new Delta Variant in force, one cannot be sure when the schools would reopen or close suddenly if the ones in your area are open. It is recommended to stay prepared to commence online schooling from home and keep your PC prepared. Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Restart the Router


Rebooting your router has been recommended by experts as this helps to clear the cache and generate a new dynamic IP address every time your router restarts. This also helps break any unwanted connections that might have clung on, when you surfed on the internet.

Update Credentials

Update Credentials
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Your credentials include a username and password that holds the key to your online accounts and applications. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind:

  • Never keep a simple password for your accounts.
  • Use upper & lower case alphabets along with numbers and special characters.
  • Never keep the same password for multiple accounts
  • Make it a habit to change your password every 3 months.
  • Try not to sign in with your credential on someone else’s computer.

If you wish to generate complex but easy-to-remember and pronounceable passwords, then you can use the TweakPass extension. Click here to know more about it.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

Microsoft provides a free firewall to all Windows users. Ensure that your Firewall is activated and turned on at all times.

Use Password Manager

Password Manager

Password Managers are great applications that help to store all your credentials in a digital vault locked by a single master password. This helps you to enter the same password when you want to sign in to any online web application or web page and the relevant password is fetched from the password manager extension. There are many similar apps available but we recommend using TweakPass that allows you to not only save credentials but other important details like SSN, passport, and insurance details, etc. And to top it all, this extension can be downloaded on any PC, Android, and iOS device and you can access all your information just by signing in with your master password.

Antivirus – The Vaccine for PC


The final and most important task is to install an antivirus application on your PC that will protect you from the malware injected by threat actors. It is also preferred to opt for a real-time antivirus scanner that can neutralize and quarantine the threat before it causes damage. One such Antivirus is Systweak Antivirus that has been awarded its fourth consecutive VB100 certification for virus detection. Here are some features of this powerful antivirus that will help understand why it is a must-have application on your PC

Real-Time Protection. Systweak Antivirus is one of the few antivirus applications that can detect potential threats/apps based on their activity on your system.

Easy to Use. This application boasts an intuitive interface that is easy to use by any member of your family.

Light Weight. An application that consumes the least amount of system resources is considered the best because it will not hog over your CPU resources.

Secure Web Browsing. Systweak Antivirus offers a special module that allows you to use an adblocker extension to prevent ads while browsing the internet.

Remove Startup Items. Users can disable startup items that slow down the boot time of the PC.

The Final Word  on How to Vaccinate Your PC for Online Schooling

Online Schooling has its advantages and disadvantages but when it comes to the PC, it is important to keep them safe. Organizations purchase premium VPN plans to encrypt their internet traffic and keep their data safe and secure. You can opt for a simple VPN service to do the same but other factors need to be considered. Getting a real-time and powerful antivirus is like providing vaccination to your computer as it would receive real-time updates to keep your PC secure from new malware.

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