How To Use Hidden Video Editor In Windows 10

Windows 10 is filled with different features, one of them is a video editor. Now you do not have to use a third-party software to edit videos, you can use Windows 10’s native video editor to customize videos.

This video editing software is a part of Photos app. You can give different effects, edit and create videos. This tool is simple to use and will provide you with lots of features to edit and create your video.

How To Use Video Editor?

  • To select a video for editing, simply open it with Photos app.

You can select a video for editing either by right-clicking on it and selecting Open With and then selecting Photos.

Use Video Editor-1


You can directly play the video and click on Edit in Photos button.

Use Video Editor-2

  • Once the videos are opened in the Photos app you can use different features in the  video editor.

Use Video Editor--2

Included features:

  • Trimming
  • Adding slow motion effect
  • Save pictures from the frame
  • Drawing on a video
  • Adding text on a video
  • Adding music to a video
  • Adding 3D effects

Trim A Video:

To Trim a video, click on Trim from Edit & Create.

When you click on Trim Button, your video will be ready for editing.

Trim A Video

Select the part of the video by dragging front and end slider. Once the part of the video is selected click on “Save a copy” this will save a copy of a selected part of the video in the same folder as the original video.

Trim A Video-1

Add Slow Motion:

“Add slo-mo” will change the selected part of the video in slow motion. There are two options Slower and Super slow. Slower speed allows you to select the desired length of  video to play in slow-motion whereas in Super slow it will only select a small part of the videos to be in slow motion.

Add Slow Motion

  •  Select a Picture From a Video:
  • Save photos feature will let you save a frame from a video. This feature is helpful if you wish to save a moment from a video in a still format.
  • To save a picture from a video click on the Save photos and then select a frame from a video which you wish to save. After selecting the frame click on “Save a photo”.

Note: You can also select frames using the arrow below to slide bar of the video.

Select a Picture From a Video

Draw on A Video:

To use this feature, click on “Create a video with text” from “Edit & Create”.

Another great feature of this video editor is that it allows users to draw anything on video. User can choose Ballpoint pen, pencil, and calligraphy pen to draw on an image on a video, also users can choose different colors to draw with.

Draw on A Video

Users can also attach drawn image to an object in a video using “Attach ink to an object”. Once the drawing is selected it will follow the object it has been drawn on.

Draw on A Video-1

Create, combine, add music, add text, add motion to a video:

  • To Create, combine, add music, add text, add motion to a video click on “Create a video with text”

You will see a new window in which you have to name your project as a first step. After naming the project you have to add photos and videos to start creating your videos. You can add pictures and videos by clicking on “Add photos and videos”.

add motion to a video-1

  • After selecting the pictures and videos you have to drag them to the storyboard:

add motion to a video-2

After adding your video, you can give special effects to it like you can add various filters, texts, motions, change volume resize, and trim.

add motion to a video-2-1

You can also add music to a video, change orientation, and add themes.

add motion to a video-3

You can see the whole window of the Create, combine, add music, add text, add motion to a video below:

add motion to a video-4

Add 3D effects:

This new feature will let you add different 3D effects to your video:

Add 3D effects

1)    Select an Effect or 3D object. Then it will be automatically added to your video.

2)    After adding Effect or 3D object, you can position them according to your needs.

Add 3D effects-1

After selection of the objects and effects click on “Done” to save it.

Windows 10 video editor is a great tool to edit and create a video. Now you don’t need to install bulky software for editing videos. This inbuilt video editor will complete the needs of a user who just want to add effects to the videos and edit them. This free video editing software is easy and fast to use.


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