How To Use Flash Drive As RAM In Windows

RAM is the second engine of any computer, which is why more powerful it is the better it is. This especially, is a need for those who wish to play bulky games or perform high-end tasks.

However, RAM is an expensive component of your system and would cost you quite a few Dollars to get a good one. But, did you know there’s a smart way to avoid this expense by just using a flash drive as RAM on Windows laptop/PC?

flash drive

You can convert your pen drive into RAM for almost all the Windows versions (XP, 7, 8, 10). It is also a great option for those who wish to buy a new RAM but don’t have a free slot to attach. There are many ways to convert the pen drive into RAM. However, for now, you can follow the below methods to use flash drive as RAM on Windows and save some bucks:

1. Virtual RAM Method

Virtual RAM or Virtual Memory is an inbuilt functionality of your Windows machine. Follow the below steps to start:

I. Insert your Pen drive in any working USB port.

II. Go to My Computer icon and right-click.

III. Select Properties from the list of options.

IV. Click on Advanced system settings from the left of Properties window.
Advanced system settings

V. Click on Advanced tab from the top of System Properties window.

VI. Click on Settings button under the Performance section.

VII. Select Advanced tab again from the Performance Options window.
System settings

VIII. Click on Change… button under Virtual memory section.

IX. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and select your Pen drive from the list of drives shown.

X. Add the value in MB under Custom Size option. This value must be at least 200 MB lesser than the value shown against space available.
custom size option

XI. Restart your machine and enjoy a faster performance.

2. ReadyBoost Method

If for some reason, the Virtual Memory method doesn’t work on your computer, you can try ReadyBoost method. Follow the given steps:

I. Insert your pen drive in a working USB port.

II. Go to My Computer, locate your Pen Drive and right-click on it.

III. Select Properties from options.

IV. Click on ReadyBoost tab in Properties.

V. Select radio button against Use this device.

VI. Put a lower value than the actual size of the drive. If your flash drive is of 7600 MB, put 7000 as the limit.

VII. Click on Apply and restart.

If you wish to change everything back to normal, change the choice from Use this device to Do not use this device from the ReadyBoost tab. Make sure to restart your machine to ensure the changes made are applied.

Overall, using Pen drive as RAM on Windows is a piece of cake. However, it is important that you unplug your flash drive safely or it may damage the device. Also, create a system restore point from the perspective of safety.

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