How To Unlock Google Maps’ Hidden Driving Mode?

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Way back in 2015 if you wanted to search for restaurants, public facilities, hotels and more in your vicinity, you needed to check it out with the Nearby feature on Google maps. However, with an update that came in the beginning of 2016, Google Maps made it much easier. With the update, now you can see the nearby places live just as traffic updates. Well, it is still not known to all. With the feature hidden Driving mode, it can be done. You can enter the mode even without entering the destination. Google Maps will use the information about your usual driving routes like your home or work address and informs about traffic incidents on your way if any. Moreover, with the artificial intelligence system of Google Maps, you can also search for nearby restaurants, gas stations, and more.

Let’s check how to unlock Hidden Driving Mode with the step by step guide.

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  • Go to Google Maps on your device.
    google maps
  • Once Google Maps is open, locate horizontal lines to open slide-out navigation panel at the top left corner of the search bar.
    google maps horizontal lines
  • Tap on it and navigate to Settings.
    google map traffic
  • Look for “Sign out of Google Maps” and tap on it to sign out.
    google map settings
  • Now close Google Maps application.
  • Reopen Google Maps
  • Go to the slide-out navigation panel located on the left side of the search bar.
  • Now you will see Start driving” button among the list of options.
    google map start driving
  • Go to Settings and sign in again to your Google Maps.

Well, the steps listed are the most common ones to enable driving mode on your device but it may also differ from device to device. If you are logged in, then it will recommend you about the places on the basis of your recent Maps and Search history.  However, the feature might be available in the list on slide-out navigation panel. If you don’t find it there, then you can always try and activate it with the above-mentioned steps.

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