How To Spot Fake Torrent File Downloads

There are a lot of ways to disguise and victimize people. On such Method is faking a torrent link in order to steal Information and get monetary benefits. There are some signs to look out for which proves that a torrent file is fake.

Fake Torrent File Downloads
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In this post, we have listed some of the ways to identify fake torrent file.  Read on!

Less or no comment with lot of seeds on Torrent:

Torrent with a malicious content often has wrong information in terms of leechers and seeds. A software can be used to increase seed. One such software BTSeedinflator. If you come across a file which has a lot of seeds but no comments available then, it is advised to avoid such file. As torrent file with more than thousand seeds must have positive user comments.

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Look for ‘Verified’ Status on the Torrent

some of the torrent websites has put a committee to work to ensure and ‘verify’ torrent files. The Number of torrent files with verified status is less but they are only one that should be trusted. You need to make sure that your anti malware or other security software is turned-on, so it also checks the file downloaded.

Check When Movie Was Released

If you want to download a new release on your device, first go to IMDB to check the release date along with same plan. Now cross check the date of torrent uploaded, and movie released. If the torrent is older, then it is better to avoid downloading it.

Choose AVI Or MKV Files

Mostly the movies available in AVI or MKV files are real torrent files but if we talk about WMA or WMV files, they are often fake. So, it is recommended to download a file in AVI/MKV. The files with WMA or WMV might get you into trouble by downloading malware content or paid codecs. It is advised to not use these format at any cost.

Pay Extra Attention When Dealing With RAR, TAR, & ACE Files

It is not proved that all the files with RAR format are fake as some of reputed uploaders use RAR to share files. However, most of RAR files for movies and music are found to be fake. With RAR format, fraudulent torrent website abuser hides Trojan kind of malware and codec scam files. As many of us don’t know that the downloading video is already compressed so uploading in RAR format doesn’t make any sense. So next time, you come across such format for a movie, cross examine the contents then decide what to do. The torrent file with no content should likely be avoided. On the Other hand, if the list has contents such as exe or any other text file then go for it!

Read Comments

Reading comments before using a service or product is a good habit. It should be applied when we are looking for torrent file. Read the comments provided on a specific torrent file to check its legitimacy. A file with negative or no comment should not be considered.

Don’t Download if Password Instructions or EXE files Are Included

If a torrent music or movie file consists of special instructions, password, codec instructions, important read me, unzip instructions and more, then the torrent can be considered as a fake.

As here the uploader needs you to visit dubious website to download movie player to open the downloaded movie file. Moreover, if you find an EXE file attached, then the chances of it being a fake increase. So, it’s is advised to avoid these kinds of files.

Don’t Use These Software

Don’t Use These Software

Some of the torrent website have a bad reputation as they have seeding malware, trojans, keyloggers, fake codec downloaders. Some of the websites to avoid are TorrentQ, BitLord, Torrent101, Get-Torrent, BitThief and Bitroll.

Don’t go for Trackers not available on Google

Go to published torrent information and copy it and search for it on Google. If the tracker is positive, then you will get a listing of Google hits where you can find the tracker on other websites.

If the tracker is illegitimate, then you will see unrelated hits at Google mostly words used fake for the tracker as well.

Only Use These Media Players

Always use reputed music and movie players irrespective of the platform. Some of the best are GMPLayer, WinAmp, VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, and Windows Media Player (WMP).

If you come across a media player that you are not aware of, then search for it on Google. As you have so many options available to end the confusion. Go for a popular version to avoid infection.

These are things that we should take care of while identifying a fake torrent file to download so that we can prevent downloading fake torrent file.

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