How To Speed Up Your PC With MSCONFIG

This is the single best command ever created for Windows in our opinion. MSCONFIG has been there in past versions of Windows and still exists in Windows 10, for obvious reasons that you will understand while you read this article. Know how to speed up PC with MSCONFIG!

Speed up PC with msconfig

Why MSCONFIG Is Useful?

You can control many things with MSCONFIG but we particularly like it because it controls programs that start automatically. These are also the programs that are using valuable memory. This causes your computer to take longer to load and can slow it down. That is to say if there are a lot of them it can drastically slow down your computer. We have seen times that a PC would take forever to load irrespective of the Windows version. Why does it happen? Because the apps are running in the background. This can also put needless strain on your hard drive.

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How Do I do this?

Left click on the start button located at the left bottom of your computer screen. Select ‘Run’ and type in ‘MSCONFIG’. It is not case sensitive, so you don’t need to worry about upper and lower-case letters. Hit enter. You will see the ‘System Configuration Utility’ screen come up. Click on the startup tab. Now remove ALL the check boxes in the startup item section. Click apply and then OK when you’re done. A screen will come up saying to reboot or not. In any case these changes will not take place until you reboot the computer. When the computer does reboot, you will need to click the check box in the lower left corner. This will keep the screen from coming up each time you boot the computer.

Now!! You need to go right back into the same screen in the same manner you did before. Click on the startup tab again. Figure out which checkbox is for your Antivirus and other critical programs that must be running. For example, to enable the application related to printer, you need to click any box that says HP or whatever your printer is. Click ‘Apply’ again and OK and let the computer reboot.

This time you should have only the programs you really need running. Now speed up your PC with MSCONFIG.

Note: – DO NOT mess with any other tabs in this utility unless you know what they are. Especially do not change the ‘Services’ or ‘Boot’ tabs. You could cause the computer not to boot or worse if you do.

Your computer should now run faster in most cases. If you still have a slow computer, you may have a Virus or something else is wrong. Find out a software that takes care of multiple issues of your computer such as malware threats, registry issues and overall cleaning. Otherwise you can also find a professional. However, the easiest way to tweak your PC is through Advanced System Optimizer.

Advanced System Optimizer is an all-in-one PC optimizer software that secures PC against infected files, removes registry issues and does several more things. Basically, it is a combination of various tools that are required for your PC to be Up & Running. It consists of system protector (anti-malware), registry cleaner, registry optimizer, system and disk cleaning tools, game and memory optimizers, backup and data recovery software and the list goes on. This software is all you will ever need to optimize your computer and instantly fix if any error occurs.

Click on the button to download Advanced System Optimizer.

This article is all you will need to keep your computer at the best. For any doubt about Windows or Mac operating system, connect with us in the comments section below.




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