How to Show Multiple Clocks on the Taskbar in Windows 11/10

There are different time zones across the world with four of them in the United States namely, Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. It is difficult to remember the time difference between them and to calculate what time is it elsewhere instantly. To overcome this issue, Microsoft has inculcated not one but three methods to find the time of a different region and show multiple clocks on Windows 10 Taskbar. Before I knew this, I used to use the Google search engine to find out the current time. However, adding an extra clock to your taskbar would function if your PC is not connected to the internet.

Some of the reasons why you could use this Windows 10 feature is:

  • You may have relatives in different parts of the world.
  • You may have business meetings with clients across the globe.
  • You can keep a record of two different time zones, especially while traveling.
  • You can attend webinars on the internet that may be broadcasted from elsewhere.

Steps to Show Multiple Clocks on Windows 10 Taskbar

The bottom-right corner of your Taskbar has been displaying the time since Windows 95. It has been updated with displaying date since Windows 7. But did you know that with a single click on that section of the taskbar you can now see different time zones as well? Here are the steps to show multiple clocks on Windows 10 Taskbar:

Step 1. Type Control Panel in the search box located on the bottom left corner of the taskbar.

Step 2. From the results displayed in the start menu, click on Control Panel to open it.

Step 3. Locate Date and Time, and click on it.

Step 4. A new window will open. The first tab will assist you to change the current date and time of your system.

multiple clocks on desktop in windows 10

Step 5. Click on the second tab labeled as Additional Clocks. You will get options to add two additional clocks to your taskbar.

Step 6. You will first have to check the box next to Show this clock and select the time zone, you wish to be displayed as the first clock. Then enter the display name to recognize which time zone you have selected.

multiple clocks on desktop in windows date and time

Step 7. Repeat the sixth step for adding the second clock in the same manner.

Step 8. Click on Apply first and then click on OK, and you will be able to show multiple clocks on Windows 10 taskbar.

The changes will reflect instantly, and you will be able to view two different time zones in addition to your standard time. To check, hover your mouse over the bottom right section of the taskbar near the currently displayed time, and you will be able to see all three different time zones displayed. Alternatively, you can click the date and time on your taskbar, and the new clocks would be displayed just above the calendar.

multiple clocks on desktop in windows time

For Example, the default time zone set on my computer in PST, and I have enabled MST and EST on my computer. This way, I always have a glance at the Time Zone before calling my family and friends who live across the United States.

Steps to Show Multiple Clocks on the Windows 10 Start Menu

Another way of displaying multiple clocks on the Start Menu of Windows 10 is by using the Alarms and Clock default app on Windows 10. This will display different time zones as tiles on the start menu which can be viewed by pressing the Windows Key on your keyboard. There is no limitation as to the number of clocks you can add through this method.

multiple clocks on desktop in windows time menu

I have added different cities from 3 three different continents. Notice that when people in London are about to start their day, people in Sydney have already ended theirs and are headed out to party. Sorry for that, the steps to show multiple clocks on the start menu are:

Step 1. Press the Windows key and immediately start typing Alarms and Clock.

Step 2. The relevant app will be displayed among the search results on the start menu.

Step 3. Click on Alarms & Clock from search results.

Step 4. Once the app opens, click on the second tab labeled as Clock. This section displays your current time zone, date and pinpoints to the location on a world map.

Step 5. Right-click on the pinpoint and select “Pin to Start”.

Step 6. Now click on the + icon located at the bottom right corner of the app screen.

Step 7. This will allow you to add a new location. Write the name of the country, state or city, and it will display related searches in the drop-down menu.

multiple clocks on desktop in windows time format

Step 8. Choose the one you want to be displayed and it will appear as a second pinpoint on the map in its corresponding geographical location.

Step 9. Right-click on the second pinpoint and choose “Pin to Start”

Step 10. This way, you can add as many locations as you want and don’t forget to add each one to the start menu.

Step 11. Press the Windows key on the keyboard, and all the different time zones you have selected will be displayed as different tiles.

multiple clocks on desktop

Fun Fact discovered while trying to display multiple clocks on a desktop in Windows 10

multiple clocks

It is 24 minutes past midnight on a Saturday morning in Apia Islands, and at the same time, it is 36 minutes to midnight on a Thursday evening in Pago Pago. That is a difference of 25 hours with regards to the time zone and the actual distance between the two islands in kilometers is. You wouldn’t believe this and neither did I.

desktop in windows

Steps to Show Current time of any Area Instantly Using Cortana

If you want to know the current time of any region in the world instantly without having to set up any additional clocks, then you can just type the magic words in the search box on your taskbar and Cortana will gladly display it for you.

The magic words are “Time in (location)”. For example, I typed Time in South Africa and the results are displayed below:

multiple clocks time

Your thoughts to Show Multiple Clocks on Windows 10 Taskbar

That concludes the different methods to display multiple clocks on your Windows 10 computer without installing third-party software. Keeping multiple clocks from different zones helps you to manage your professional and personal life if you have contacts who are in different time zones across the globe.

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