How To Show Mail As Plain Text In Outlook

Have you ever thought that you can read an email as plain simple text? An e-mail without complicated formatting, quick to open, secure than HTML bulky emails. Yes, that can happen!

In this post, we will talk about how to display mail as plain text in Outlook. But first, let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros & Cons of Plain Text In Outlook:

With a few steps and change in settings, you can get what you desire. However, changing an email to plain text has its pros and cons as well.

One of the biggest drawbacks, no inline functionality, no formatting means no images or links. All of the email you view will look somewhat different when read in plain text. However, some of the emails will not quite be readable if formatted to a greater degree.

Apart from these cons, it has advantages too. Email with plain text is secure as nothing is concealed. No embedded images or disguised phishing URLs because if URL is manifested in plain text, then you can see the complete URL.

Therefore, plain text emails are mostly not viewed as malicious or spam by an automated scanner as plain text can’t be considered as dangerous as in HTML. However, it is not that anyone can’t send you a malicious link in plain text, but you are less likely to be fooled in clicking it. Now that you know all the pros and cons, let’s move to know all about plain text.

How To Read Mail In Plain Text?

To read all mail in plain text, follow these steps

Step 1: Navigate to File Options.

Step 2: Then locate Trust Center.

Step 3: Under Trust Center, go to Trust Center Settings.

outlook options

Step 4: Select Email Security and enable “Read all standard mail in plain text”

Read all standard mail in plain text

Step 5: Hit OK to close the Trust Center Settings and then again click OK to close the Options window. From now on, you will see all the emails in plain text.

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How To Send All Mail In Plain Text?

You can also send all mail in plain text by making some changes.

Follow these steps to send emails in plain text:

Step 1: Go to File.

Step 2: Navigate to Options.

Step 3: Then go to Mail.

Send All Mail In Plain Text

Step 4: Locate and click Compose messages in this format.

Step 5: You will get drop down menu and select “Plain Text”

Step 6: Hit OK to close Options and now you will be able to send messages in plain text.

How To Send a Specific Mail in Plain Text?

If you don’t prefer sending all emails in plain text but need to write an individual mail in plain text, you can choose that option too.

Step 1: When you have started to draft a message, click Format Text.

Step 2:  Look for Plain text.

Step 3: In case your signature has HTML for example link or any formatting in it, Outlook will show a warning that all of that will be lost once you select plain text.

Step 4: Click on Continue to induce the changes. Now the message is converted into plain text.

Once you have sent the email, you revert the changes however you need to create your signature again.

Send a Specific Mail in Plain Text

So, now that you know how to send emails in plain text and change it back to HTML. You can send an e-mail anyway you want. If you don’t want formatting and links in your mail, then choose plain text, on the contrary, if you want it then choose HTML.

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