How To Set Up The Amazon Echo Dot With Clock

Amazon’s latest smart speaker Amazon Echo Dot is the same third-gen device with a twist. This means now it comes with an LED display underneath the band encircling the device. This will help see the outdoor temperature, time, and if you set a timer then countdown with flash. You get all these features for an extra cost of $10.

But the question is how to install this different Amazon Echo that comes with a clock?

It’s simple here we will explain how to setup Amazon Echo Dot with Clock.

Steps to Configure Amazon Echo With Clock

To setup the Echo device with display follow the step by step instructions:

1. Connect to the power outletpower outlet

The first step to setup Amazon Echo with Clock is very simple. You need to plug it in using the Amazon adapter you received with the Echo Dot device with a display.

2. Get Amazon Alexa App

Amazon Alexa App

If you are using an Amazon device for the first time, you’ll need to download and install the Alexa app. Once done, create an account and login to the app. However, if you have the Alexa app you can simply log in using your details.

3. Select the Device

Once you have Alexa app up and running its time to setup Echo Dot with Clock. To do so head to app’s settings menu present at the top left corner.

Tap Add Device > Amazon Echo > Echo Dot > 3rd Generation.

Add Device

Amazon Echo

Echo Dot

4. Setup Wi-Fi

Next, you need to setup Wi-Fi. To set up, look for the flashing orange LED ring around the Echo device with Clock. If you see it, this means the device is in setup mode. Usually, this light shows up after a minute of plugging the speaker.

Now select the device you wish to setup when asked for from the list. This will help configure your device with home Wi-Fi.

5. Final Step

Create your custom list of select from the list. That’s all. Your Amazon Echo device is now connected with the clock. You can now head to settings to customize your Echo device with display.

If at any time you want to update Wi-Fi settings open the app > Devices > Echo & Alexa > Choose your device > tap Change and follow the instructions. If you don’t see your Wi-fi tap Rescan.

Using these simple steps, you can configure your latest Echo device with clock.

In addition to this, below we will mention other simple tricks using which you can use your Amazon Echo Dot like a pro.

How to Enable or Disable Display on Echo Dot

To enable or disable display with clock on or off on Echo Dot follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Alexa app  on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Tap Devices  > Display.
  3. From here you can enable or disable Display on your Echo device with clock.

How to control display on Echo Dot with Clock?

To control display on the 3rd gen Echo Dot you will need to use Alexa app or give voice commands.

If you plan to give voice commands use the following:

Turn display on/off

Change click to 24-hour format

Set brightness to 6

Set timer for 10 minutes – this will show timer countdown. When the timer exceeds 1 hour you will see a dot at the upper right corner.

timer countdown

Set alarm for 5:30 am – when the alarm is set to go off, the device shows a dot at the lower right corner.


However, if you use the Alexa app follow the steps to perform different operations.

Steps to change brightness on Echo device with Clock

  1. Launch Alexa app.
  2. Tap Devices > Display.
  3. From here enable the Adaptive Brightness feature. This will help change brightness automatically.

How to change Time Format using Alexa App on Echo Dot with Clock

  1. Launch Alexa app.
  2. Tap Devices > All Devices or Echo & Alexa.
  3. Choose Echo device with clock to head to settings.
  4. General > Display > enable to disable 24-Hour-Clock.

How to change temperature unit

  1. Launch Alexa app.
  2. Tap Devices > Measurement Unit.
  3. Choose the unit you would like to use.

Pairing Bluetooth Speaker or Phone

  1. Enable your device’s pairing mode
  2. Launch Alexa app > Device > Echo & Alexa > choose your device > Bluetooth device > Pair a New Device.

That’s it. Next time when you want to enable Bluetooth say Pair Bluetooth.

Furthermore, to snooze an alarm on Echo Dot with clock tap top of the Amazon device with all your fingers. This will snooze the device for 9 minutes.

Note: If Echo Dot is muted it snooze gesture will not work.

This is all for now. Do share your views about the article and don’t forget to share it with your friends who just got Amazon Echo Dot with Clock. Before signing of one more thing if you find that the clock isn’t working check following things:

Solution Echo Dot Clock Not Working

  1. Ensure you use the power adapter included with the device.
  2. Device should be plugged in to a channel.
  3. Display should be enabled.
  4. Brightness should be levelled up.
  5. Lastly unplug and plug the device back in.

This will resolve the problem.

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