How To See Credit Cards and Saved Passwords In iPhone (iOS 12)

The ‘Saved Password’ and ‘Autofill’ feature was made available on iOS devices for user convenience. After the release of iOS 7, users were no longer required to insert passwords every time they visit a website. Moreover, ‘Autofill’ feature automatically entered basic details in online forms such as name, email address, phone number etc. In addition to that, iCloud Keychain elevated the game by saving passwords, bank info like credit card number etc. on the Safari browser. The best part is that if you have stored credit card details or other credentials on MacBook in Safari using iCloud Keychain, those details can be accessed on your iOS device as well. Hence, these features made iCloud Keychain an instant hit among Apple consumers.

Further, passwords stored in iCloud Keychain were also accessible on sites that support ‘Autofill’ feature. However, if the website doesn’t support ‘Autofill’ feature, you can access saved passwords and credit card details by visiting ‘Settings’ app on iPhone.

You can view saved passwords in iPhone (iOS 12) by using the below-given instructions: –

How To Find Credit Cards And Saved Passwords In iPhone (iOS 12)

Here are the steps that you need to follow to view saved passwords and credit card details on your iPhone (iOS 12):

Method 1:

  1. Go to Settings app and open the ‘Accounts & passwords’ section.
    Find Credit Cards And Saved Passwords In iPhone -1
    Find Credit Cards And Saved Passwords In iPhone -1-1
  2. After you have opened password section, you can see ‘Websites & App Passwords’ section in addition to the different apps or websites that you might have saved the passwords for.
    Find Credit Cards And Saved Passwords In iPhone -2
  3. When you click on ‘Websites & App Passwords’, it would authorize you to select the passcode or your Touch ID. You can then either use the Touch ID to log in or fill in the passcode to take a look at the saved passwords that are saved on your iPhone. You can follow the same steps to view saved passwords on iPad.
  4. After this, you would be able to see different websites and when you click on any website’s name, it would automatically show you the password that you have saved for it. Users can then copy the given password by tap and hold method and opting for the ‘Copy’ option that pops up on menu.
  5. You will then need to paste the password that you have copied in online forms if you haven’t enabled autofill.
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Method 2:

Go to the Settings app from then click on Safari option, choose password, click on scan touch Id and reach to the “Link.” As an alternative, you can jump onto the settings app from browser and follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the web page in Safari that has the Username and Password for your iPhone saved on it.
  2. Now, tap on to the Password Field, that you can see near the keyboard pane, and at last tap on “Password” link text.
  3. If you want to see the password that you have saved, you can tap on Other Passwords from the popup.
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Viewing the Credit Card Details in iPhone

iPhone comes with the feature named as iCloud Keychain that allows the user to save their credit card details so that they do not need to keep a check on them every time they plan to shop online. Another useful feature of this app is that you can take a look at the information saved on your iPhone even when the autofill function is not functioning on it because of some issues:

  1. Open up the Settings app and choose the ‘Safari’ option.
    Viewing the Credit Card Details in iPhone
    Viewing the Credit Card Details in iPhone -1
  2. Open the Autofill option after which you can view the saved cards by clicking on the “Saved Credit Card” options.
    Viewing the Credit Card Details in iPhone -2
    Viewing the Credit Card Details in iPhone -2-1
  3. Once you open the above option, you will need to use Touch ID or passcode if you want to view the information available for the saved cards. After this, you would just need to fill in your iPhone password or Touch ID to view the required details.
  4. Once you go through the information, you can view the card details that you have saved and by clicking on them, you can view the required details.
    Viewing the Credit Card Details in iPhone -4
  5. At last, you can fill in the details of the new credit card and delete the current details. You can do this by choosing the ‘Edit’ option that you see at the top right side of you phone’s screen.
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By following these steps in the article, you can easily find saved credit cards and passwords in iPhone/iPad. We hope that we have cleared your doubts about how to see saved credit cards and passwords on iPhone. However, for any doubts and concerns about the process, please connect with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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