How To Resize Images On Mac Without Losing Quality

If you own a Mac and looking for methods to resize images without losing quality, then this article will definitely help you. For many reasons, you may need to resize the images. Sometimes to make more space on your device or to transfer files quickly.

Steps To Resize Images On Mac

There can be many ways to resize images on Mac without losing quality. But here we are covering four major ways which are not very technical. So, let us begin with these basic methods.

1. Resizing in Preview:

 When you double-click on an image on your Mac, Preview is the application that opens it up by default. You will be surprised to know that it is already a good application to resize images. To resize an image, open it into Preview, and go to Tools > Adjust Size in the menu bar.

The window provides you information about the size and resolution of the selected image. You can manually type the dimension to resize the selected image. If you are resizing the image for printing purpose, then 240×300 resolution will be the best. If you are posting an image which will be viewable on the website, then 72×150 resolution will work well.

Resizing in Preview

2. Resizing through e-mail:

If you are looking for a faster way to resize images, then email can help you. Simply drop the image into the email application of your Mac.

The bottom of the composition box, of email you will see the dimensions of the resized photo before you email it. You can change it to Small, Large, or Actual Size, so if you want to compress the image you can select small from the bottom of the image.

Resizing through e-mail

The best part about using email to resize an image is that it doesn’t resize the original one. It makes a copy and then resizes it. But to get the resized image you need to send the email, if you will try to drag out the image from drafts it will not be the resized one.

3. Using a website to resize image:

There are so many websites which claims to resize the image without losing quality. Some of these websites allows you to bulk upload images and after resizing you can bulk download them. On the web page, you can see the detailed log of resizing with the information such as how much percentage of an image is compressed what was the actual image size and compressed image size.

4. Using an application to resize images:

If you find it difficult to resize images using above methods or if you have a large number of images to play with then you must go for a third-party application. When it comes to image resizing applications for Mac Image resizer from Tweaking Technologies is the best app to resize images in bulk. It is an application which not only helps you to resize images but it can also help in bulk rotating and changing format of images in bulk. What you will love about this application is that it shows you preview of the images you can add and remove images even after you have added them to the application.

image resizer

 Some websites demand prefix or suffix for images the application also allows you to add that in a batch of images which makes it the best image resizer for Mac.

You can get this application from the given link.

This is how you can resize images on your Mac without losing quality. These easy tips and tricks will help you in resizing images quickly.

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