How To Remove Hidden Keyloggers From Your Android?

Millions of devices run the most widely used mobile operating system, Android. Since it’s the most used mobile operating system, hackers are aiming to steal financial and sensitive data from these phones. Although hackers can use a variety of methods to obtain your sensitive data, the keylogger is the most well-known.

What is Keylogger for Android?


Android keyloggers are merely pieces of software designed to log your keystrokes, much as computer keyloggers. Hackers can remotely or covertly install a keylogger on your smartphone, which will allow them to access all of your data, including passwords, call records, text messages, notes that you’ve saved, and browsing history.

Keyloggers are frequently distributed by hackers using keyboard apps. Therefore, we advise you to stay with the native keyboard apps and steer clear of third-party ones. Some of the finest techniques for locating and eliminating keyloggers from Android smartphones are covered in this post.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Android Keylogger?

Android Keylogger

You may notice certain indications on your phone if Keylogger is already installed. The most typical indicators that a phone carrying a keylogger displays are enumerated below.

  • Rapid discharge of the battery.
  • The phone frequently begins to lag.
  • Android takes a longer time to start.
  • Phone overheating issues.
  • Usage of internet data is higher than usual.
  • Unfamiliar programs showing up in the app drawer.

These are the symptoms of keyloggers on Android devices. You need to take appropriate security measures to get rid of keyloggers if you notice these symptoms.

How To Locate And Eliminate Android Hidden Keyloggers?

The top techniques for locating and eliminating covert keyloggers from your Android device are listed below. Now let’s look at how to get rid of Android hidden keyloggers.

Method 1: Locate the Reference

Locate the Reference

You should start by understanding how keyloggers infiltrate smartphones. There are two possible scenarios: either someone used your smartphone and added malicious code or the third-party apps you downloaded had malware and keyloggers. You should analyze if any of these are causing you to suspect anything. This is the most simple technique where you can remove third-party apps and check if the symptoms occur again.

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Method 2: Examine Any Strange Activity

Examine Any Strange Activity

Second, examine your gadget for anything strange or suspect. For instance, a script may frequently force your device to reboot or may result in the screen seeing numbers. Additionally, you should search for dubious apps. This is an indication that keyloggers have taken control of your device if something similar occurs.

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Method 3: Apply Malware Protection

Use an antivirus program to look for viruses. Delete any malware that the antivirus software discovers. Find the impacted app that consumes a lot of data, even while it is running in the background. After removing that app, restart your gadget.

Smart phone cleaner

Install a suitable antimalware program after deleting the keylogger or spyware app. We recommend using the Smart Phone Cleaner app which is an Android optimization app. It also provides a fast one-click clean & junk scanner that quickly handles Android in one go from the main dashboard. Systweak Software’s Smart Phone Cleaner is the best way to organize, control, and safeguard your phone.

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Method 4: Verify The Keyboard Applications

Keyboard Applications

Keyloggers, however, typically depend on Android keyboard applications. Generally speaking, it is safe to download and use any keyboard app that is available on the Google Play Store. If you use a third-party keyboard program, though, be sure to investigate its legitimacy.

Proceed to the Android App page and search for any unique keyboard applications. Remove any dubious keyboard apps that you come across. Use Smart Phone Cleaner to perform a thorough scan of your smartphone after uninstalling the suspicious to remove the junk files.

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Method 5: Give Your Phone A Factory Reset

Factory Reset

It is preferable to factory reset your Android phone if you have no idea what to do and everything appears to be out of control. A factory reset will probably remove the keylogger from your smartphone along with all other third-party apps.

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The Final Word On How To Remove Hidden Keyloggers From Your Android

By following the outlined methods, users can effectively detect and remove hidden keyloggers from their Android devices, ensuring enhanced privacy and security. Implementing these solutions helps safeguard against potential threats posed by keylogging activities, ensuring a more secure and protected Android experience. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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