How To Recover 3GP Video Files On Windows

3GP video files are a common format used for recording and sharing videos on mobile devices. From capturing precious memories on our smartphones to creating professional content, 3GP video files have been a popular choice due to their compatibility and efficient compression. However, what happens when these valuable files get accidentally deleted or lost? The panic and frustration are all too real. But fear not, because, in this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to recover deleted 3GP video files on Windows.

The Top Data Mishaps Leading to 3GP File Loss and the Urgent Need for 3GP File Recovery

Accidental Deletion: Users often accidentally delete 3GP files while organizing their digital media, resulting in their loss.

Formatting Storage Devices: Formatting a storage device, such as a memory card, USB drive, or smartphone, without adequate backup can erase all 3GP files stored on it.

Corrupted Storage Media: Physical damage, file system errors, or sudden removal of a storage device can lead to corruption and subsequently render 3GP files inaccessible.

Virus and Malware Attacks: Malicious software can infect a device and potentially corrupt or delete 3GP files.

Software or System Crashes: System crashes or errors within media players or video editing software can result in the loss of 3GP files that were being processed or played at the time.

Hardware Failures: Hard drive or device failures can result in the loss of all data, including 3GP files, stored on the affected hardware.

Data Transfer Errors: Interruptions or errors during the transfer of 3GP files between devices can lead to partial or complete data loss.

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Best Way to Recover 3GP Files on Windows

Whether it’s an important project file or cherished moments with loved ones, the loss of 3GP video files can be devastating. But with the right tools and techniques, you can restore these files with ease. We’ll explore the best possible method to recover deleted 3GP video files so you don’t lose those memories forever as we delve into the world of 3GP file recovery.

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Best Tool to Restore 3GP Files – Advanced File Recovery

Advanced File Recovery Software stands out as the ultimate champion in the realm of 3GP video recovery tools. This software excels with exceptional capabilities, effortlessly and efficiently rescuing your precious 3GP video files from a wide array of devices. These devices include digital cameras, SD cards, pen drives, as well as both internal and external hard drives.

Boasting an impressive recovery rate that surpasses its competitors, this tool stands as a top-notch option for the retrieval of deleted or corrupted 3GP files. Its remarkable versatility allows the software to expertly recognize and restore more than 500 file formats, naturally including the important 3GP file format.

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To recover deleted 3GP video files on Windows follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and Install the Advanced File Recovery.

Step 2: Open the application, then select the destination drive.

Step 3: Select between a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan, then hit the NEXT button.

a Quick Scan

tipsAdditional Tip

Writer’s Tip: For a comprehensive and detailed scanning process, consider using the Deep Scan mode. This mode is highly effective in recovering permanently lost or deleted files.

Step 4: Select what you want to recover, then hit the START SCAN button.


Step 5: Allow it to check the selected drive for lost 3GP files.

selected drive

Step 6: Upon completion of the scan, you’ll receive a list containing all the files that have been lost or deleted.

Step 7: Choose the 3GP files you want to recover, and once you have made your decision, just click the “RECOVER NOW” button.


Step 8: You will now receive a prompt to select your preferred recovery destination.

preferred recovery destination

tipsAdditional Tip

Writer’s Tip: To ensure the safety of your existing data, it’s advisable to select a different drive to prevent any potential overwriting.

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Recover Deleted 3GP Video Files on Windows

While 3GP file recovery can appear daunting after losing cherished videos, hope remains. These files encapsulate memories, work projects, and creative ventures of great significance. Our guide has shed light on common data loss scenarios, emphasizing the urgency of 3GP file recovery. To ensure that your cherished 3GP files are not permanently lost, we’ve introduced you to the Advanced File Recovery Software—a powerful ally in the quest to retrieve lost 3GP videos.

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