How To Re-Arrange Windows 10 Start Menu

It’s been a long time since Windows 10 was launched. But one thing that still doesn’t look familiar is its Start menu. Though it is still located at the same place as before, the left-hand side bottom corner. However, this time you can totally customize and rearrange the Start Menu according to your preferences.

Resize Start menu:

If you’re annoyed by the capturing space of Start menu, you’ve been empowered to resize it according to your desire. If you want to resize the width of Start menu, just click on the Start button and hover the mouse pointer over the edge at the right side of the menu until you see a double-sided arrow instead your pointer. Once the arrow appears, click and move your mouse towards the left.

Resize Start menu

Similarly, if you’re looking forward to resizing the height of your Start menu, hover the pointer over the edge of its column. When you see the double-sided arrow, drag it down or upside accordingly.

Re-organize the menu:

You don’t have to bear the unsatisfying groups and illogical orderings, Microsoft allows you to organize the Start menu until it complements your eyes. You can edit, delete, reorder and make changes in the apps listed down there.

If you want to move or rearrange, click on Start and hover over a group title bar like “Life at a glance” Or “Play and explore.” An equal sign appears on the right-hand side, click on that and drag to move the entire group to a new position in the Start menu.

If you wish to rename the app group, simply click on the title. The click turns the title into a text box, delete the one already there and rename it followed by the Enter key. It is done.

Add or remove apps:

Adding and removing apps in Start menu of Windows 10 is not different than the other versions of Windows. You’ve got the same two ways to add or remove an app from the list. First and most convenient way is drag-and-drop, which can be done from the left-side of Start menu. You can move the apps from “Most used” section or the “All apps” list.

If the drag-and-drop isn’t working for any reason, right-click on an app, which is on the left-side of the menu and select ‘Pin to Start’, Windows automatically adds that program as a tile to new group.

Live tiles:

Live tiles are the best thing since sliced bread as it shows the live content from within the app, e.g. stock apps, weather, sports etc. Though you can add any app as a tile in Start menu, only the Windows Store apps can be placed as live tiles.

Here, the place and size of the tile matter the most. If you choose a small tile size, it may not show the live content, wherein some middle-sized tiles may show live contents and full size shows completely.

You can select as to which tile you don’t want to show you the live information right-click it, and select More > Turn live tile off.

Overall, Windows 10 is a treasure trove of features, especially if you’re aware of how to operate them. Microsoft allows you to customize its designed Start menu according to your needs and likes.

Now that you know to rearrange Windows 10 Start menu, do it yourself and share your experiences in the comments below.

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