How To Quickly Defrag A Mac

Mac is a decorated device that has no near competitor due to its quality performance and service. You can see a major surge in the number of Mac users in recent years, leaving other popular platforms lagging behind. One of the best features that Mac provides over other competitors is that its relatively more secure and impenetrable with a robust Machinery inside.

Now that speed is incompatible, it needs to be constant, which requires regular cleaning Mac. this is when the idea to defrag Mac drives comes to existence.  When the Machine starts to work sluggishly, you may consider your Mac disk defragmentation. If you wonder how to defrag Mac, you’d find the answer in this article.

What is the need of Mac defragmentation?

Mac is just like other Machines that require regular maintenance. In lack of proper cleaning, it may start to work slow.  The defragmentation on other devices is one due to the fact that the hard drives become cluttered with the massive amount of data that you load into it. This is when the Machine starts to take more time than usual to find a specific data for you. It is like putting a lot of belongings to your shelf and then searching for a particular one, it takes time for you to find it.

This is when defragmentation is required, where everything that is written on the drive is set to its place. This way, the data becomes organized and ordered for the Machine to find easily without much efforts. Hence, you get faster results in lesser resources used.

When Should you defrag Mac hard drive?

When you experience latency on your Machine, it’s better that you defrag Mac drive. However, it is to your sheer surprise that Mac don’t need any defragmentation as the Machine does it on its own. It is important to know that the file system on MacOS is completely different than the Windows. Mac defragmentation is an automatic process, which is known as Hot File Adaptive Clustering (HFC).

But, it doesn’t mean that a manual defragmentation is never needed. There are certain conditions, where experts recommend performing manual defrag. This is when you’re using a bit old Mac Machine or if you’ve got a lot of creative data that is bigger in size like photos, videos, films etc.

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Bonus Tip: Improve System Performance By Removing Junk Files

Now that Mac defragmentation takes place upon processor’s discretion, you may perform a cleanup to remove junk and useless files that will boost Mac performance. This is when you require a trusted third-party software that can professionally organize data and perform a cleanup recovering significant space to accelerate the speed. Here, it is recommended that you run Cleanup My System on your Mac Machine that is designed dedicatedly to declutter your Mac. You can follow the steps below to perform a complete Mac cleanup.

  • Download and install Cleanup My System –


  • Launch the app by double clicking the icon located in Applications folder.
  • Now that the tool is up on screen, click on the Smart Cleanup to start scanning for cluttered junk and that’s it.
  • Once the scan is complete, click on Clean Now and you’re done.

Cleanup My System 7

Overall, Mac disk defragmentation is an automatic process that is triggered by the processor. Mac defragmentation is one of the ways to recapture the lost space that is being consumed for no valid reason. One of the major causes that puts the Machine in the need of defragmentation are the cluttered files located at different places. Now that you know how to defrag Mac drives, you may either employ the trusted third-party tool or let the Machine take its own care. If you wish to share some tips and tricks for Mac, do let us know in the comments below.

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