How to Play YouTube in the Background on Android

YouTube is a name that doesn’t need any introduction, from kids to adults everyone uses YouTube. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that YouTube has replaced TV. 

People use YouTube to watch movies, documentaries, standup comedy shows, and for a lot more things. In addition to this, some use YouTube to stream music.

All this sounds good and makes us fall in love with the YouTube app. But things become difficult when you want to play music on Android and do other tasks. To put it in simple words, I mean to say when we use YouTube on PC to play music videos we can keep on listening to the music even YouTube is not running in the front. But that’s not the same with Android devices. 

To resolve this, you get a playback option on YouTube but users need to pay for it. Some people aren’t willing to pay for it. We understand it and it’s okay. Therefore, here we bring for you quick ways to play YouTube videos in the background without paying. 

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How to Play YouTube in the background?

One of the easiest ways to get YouTube to play in the background is to use the Desktop site option present on YouTube. It allows playing YouTube videos even when you turn off your screen or switch to another app.

But sometimes this option doesn’t work. Therefore, we look for alternative ways. Here we explain how you can play YouTube videos in the background using a VLC player.

 Use VLC to play YouTube in the background

To continue playing YouTube videos in the background, use this quick VLC trick. To learn how to do it follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Download and install VLC from Google Play.
  2. Launch the YouTube app and select the video you wish to play in the background.
  3. Next, tap three-stacked dots to get the Share Once you have it tap Share.Play YouTube in the background
  4. Here, look for Play with VLC option > tap it.
    Play with VLC
  5. This will load the VLC apps and the shared video will start playing. However, since we are doing all this to play YouTube video in the background we will need to follow one more step.
  6. Tap three dots at the bottom to get Play as audio option> tap it. This way you will be able to turn video into audio and can get YouTube videos to be played in the background.

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That’s it. You can now play selected YouTube videos in the background using the VLC app. Don’t worry about the type of video you choose to play will not matter as you will play it as audio. Now you can use your android or can lock the phone the video will continue playing in the VLC player. To play the converted video back tap the play button at the top left corner.

Remember if you will go back you’ll need to add the video again.


  • comment_avtar
    I managed to get my youtube videos to play in the background but when I want to stop them, I have to open VLC again and close it. It doesn’t stop even when I quit the application. Is there a widget or a shortcut that I am missing?

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Preeti Seth
      Hi Shashank, As a YouTube video is being converted to the audio you will not be able to see it in the notification. To stop it from playing open VLC and pause the YouTube video. Hope this answers your question.

      4 years ago

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