How To Open HEIC File In Windows 10 ?

High Efficiency Image Format or HEIC format, is a common way to store photos, usually in mobile devices. The extension is “.heic” but it can appear in the form of “.heif” as well. Since HEIC file is popular to store photos with smaller size and good quality, even Apple started with the same standard format since 2017 in all its devices. Later, Android 9 Pie also came up with the concept of HEIF images.

Now, if you want to watch these images on Windows PC, it doesn’t support HEIC files natively. But we have got you covered with other options to open HEIC format file on Windows 10 easily.

How To Open HEIC Files On PC ?

There came an update very recently in Windows 10 which allows the opening of even HEIC files easy. Windows is no far behind to bring the required update and user-friendliness.

What To Do?

If your Windows 10 is updated, \double click on the image file, and it will come in the Photos app. The photo preview window will open the way other image files open.

If an error is being occurred, and you are not able to view HEIC files on Windows 10, click ‘Download codecs at Microsoft Store’ in the Photos app.

Open HEIC Files On PC

Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to the extension that can read and write files in HEIF format.

viewing HEIC files

Click on ‘Get’ button on the right and install the free codecs on PC now! Once downloaded, you can start viewing HEIC files like regular images.

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How To Open HEIC Format File On Windows 7 & 8?

Now Windows 7 and 8 do not support direct file extensions to open HEIC files on PC, you need a third-party tool to get your job done. Let us explain to you!

How To Open HEIC Format File On Windows

Step 1: Open the website

Step 2: Click on ‘Download’ button and get the software installed.

Step 3: View the HEIC images easily.

In fact, you can also convert them to JPG format using the tool. It also displays the thumbnail of images and keeps your original EXIF data.

How To Convert HEIC Format File To JPEG?

Though HEIC to JPEG conversion is possible using the tool mentioned above, yet if you don’t want to download a tool, go for online conversion.

There are various online conversion tools out of which some allow uploading of HEIC and convert a batch of more than 50 images at a time. Once done, download these JPG images and view them.

Organize Photos Nicely!

Do not load your PC with images that you are not able to manage and organize until you have a Photo Organizer tool. A smart tool can streamline your photo collection in a proper library, deletes duplicate images, and provide an easy solution to find a specific picture.

Organize Photos

Now if you have converted HEIC images into JPEG or keeping them idle on PC, use the tool for a simply organized life, after all.

Did You Get To View Your Photos?

We would like to know if you could view HEIC files on Windows 10 or not. With that, any of your suggestions and feedback are most welcome in the comment section below.

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