How To Make Safari Automatically Open Websites In Reader Mode

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Safari, the web browser of Apple, is known for its user-friendly features and security features. It is known to enhance the browsing experience of users. In the recent release of Safari 11, Apple has once again enhanced the pre-existing feature of Safari, Reader Mode. You can now set this as default feature in your Safari browser.

What Is Reader Mode?

Reader mode creates a hindrance free reading experience for its users. When you visit a website or a blog, images and videos of various advertisements keep cropping up.  This can be irritating and distracting for the user.  To overcome this, Safari introduced, Reader mode, which removes all the ads, videos and sponsored links from that website. This in turn helps a user to focus on reading rather than the blinking ads.

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How To Set Reader Mode On An iPhone or iPad By Default.

This is just a two-step process, which takes a couple of minutes.

  • Open the website for which you want to enable the reader mode. Please note that this feature may not work on the homepage of the website. Therefore, after visiting the website you need to open an article. Now long press the Reader view button located at the left of address bar.

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Set Reader Mode on an iPhone

  • This will open the prompt of Automatic Reader View, which will offer the option, Use on the website or Use on All Websites. If you wish to enable Automatic Reader View for all websites, then tap on “Use on All Websites”. However, if you want the reader view only for that specific site then choose the other option.
    Automatic Reader View

If you choose “Use on All Websites” then Safari decides whether the content posted on a website is an article or not. That means, in case Safari doesn’t categorize the content as an article, it will not open that in reader mode and the page will open as usual.

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These easy tweaks, once implemented will surely enhance your reading experience online. Go ahead, enable Automatic Reader Mode now and read the articles without any clutter.

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  • Mike
    This was helpful, thank you! Sometime recently Safari had started opening every site in Reader and I thought it was an iOS 11 bug.

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